When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2209

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 2209

“Don’t rush to return it to me.” Avery took out a music festival ticket from her bag, “Tomorrow In the evening, I will go to this music festival. There will be a lot of people at the scene. If your husband can come too, the money will be the information fee for you.”

“This…” Maxine glanced glanced at the tickets for the music festival and said truthfully, “Miss Tate, even if my husband can help you a little bit, it’s not worth so much money.”

“It’s worth it to me. As long as there is a little useful information may save Foster’s life. Foster is very, very important to me. He is the father of my child and also my husband. So the $5 million is not expensive.”

Maxine was shocked by her words . She was moved by $5 million, so Maxine no longer struggled and accepted the bank card and tickets.

“Miss Tate, don’t worry, wait for my husband to come back. I will persuade him well. If he can’t see you tomorrow, then I will return the card to you.” Maxine promised, “But don’t worry, my husband listens to me very much. As long as I can guarantee that this matter will not be known by Travis’s people, it will be fine.”

Avery: “Don’t worry, I will bring bodyguards tomorrow night to squeeze Travis’s people away when there are many people.”

Maxine: “Okay.”


In the evening.

When Calvin returned home, Maxine immediately pulled him into the bedroom.

“Husband, Avery came to my house to find me today.” Maxine told her husband what happened this morning, “Avery is a good person, we must help her. You tell her what you know! Tomorrow night at the music festival, she will find a way to find you. It won’t be discovered by Travis’s people.”

Calvin stared at his wife’s face and looked carefully: “Wife, did she benefit you?”

Maxine: “Uh…”

“How much?” Calvin asked.

Maxine stretched out five fingers.

“500,000?” Calvin was shocked by this number.

Maxine shook her head: “Husband, it’s not about money. Even if she doesn’t give us that much money, I think you should help her. It’s just that if she gives money, I can let me not care about the risks of this matter. After all, she promised not to let Travis find out.”

“Isn’t it 500,000?” Calvin’s scalp was numb, and he guessed the number, “Wife, why do you dare to accept such a large amount of money? You give me the money, and I will take it tomorrow and will go and give it back to her.”

Maxine said angrily: “I don’t want to take so much. She insists on giving so much. What can I do? She said that the money is not expensive for her. She said so, there’s no reason to refuse.”

“Give me the money.” Calvin stretched out his hand with a firm attitude, “It’s not like making money. Since she said she can’t be discovered by Travis’s people, then I’ll go see her.”

Maxine: “Okay, I didn’t lose my money. I was really sad when my daughter said that to me yesterday. If you treat me like that, I’d feel very boring.”

“Wife, I know you’re doing it for our family. I don’t see you that way.” Calvin took the card from his wife, “You can earn what you should earn, but don’t take what you shouldn’t.”



Hospital. Elliot’s surgery has ended.

After the operation, Elliot was immediately sent to the ICU.

He did not die immediately after the operation, which made the chief surgeon and Wesley relieved.

Next, just hoped for a miracle!

Otherwise, there was no way to explain this matter to Avery.

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