The ultimate husband Chapter 434

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 434 – Oh sh*t.

Darryl was utterly stupefied at the scene in front of him. He never thought he would be so popular.

The funny part was that these Six Sects’ Elders were usually high and mighty, but now they were like street vendors vying to attract customers.

It was truly an interesting moment.

Darryl smiled without saying a word as he silently sat there and watched.

Graham laughed as well and loudly said, “Everyone stop arguing, Darryl hasn’t completely recovered from his injuries. He needs a peaceful rest…”

Everyone looked at each other and stopped arguing upon hearing Graham’s words. However, their gazes at Darryl were still fervent as before.

Darry let out a sigh of relief. Thankfully the principal stepped in. Otherwise, it would be hard for Darryl to make a decision with all Six Sects’ Elders refusing to back down.

At that moment, Graham pulled out a key and handed it to Darryl. “Darryl, it’s clear to everyone you are the Lion Slaughtering Conference Champion. The Golden Lion is locked in the Hexad School’s private room and this is the key to the room.”

Darryl’s expression was filled with joy as he accepted the key. As he was about to speak, a burst of loud laughter erupted from the room’s entrance!

“Sorry I’m late, please excuse me, Mister Darryl!”

This voice was thunderous and magnificent which obviously came from a man with immense internal energy. Everyone looked in the direction of the voice.

A man who was roughly o years old stepped into the room. He was wearing a gray Chinese jacket and had an extremely powerful aura!

The man walked toward his bedside and said slowly, “Mister Darryl, you instantly became famous during the Lion Slaughtering Conference, truly an admirable sight to behold. I’m Zoran Carter, glad to make your acquaintance.”

Zoran Carter!

Darryl took a deep breath upon hearing that name and could not help but asked, “Carter? Could you be from Mid City’s Carter family?”

“Indeed, Zoran is the Carter family’s patriarch,” replied someone from the side. D**n.

Darryl was shocked as his mind was in a buzz upon hearing that answer. He blankly stared at Zoran.

There were so many families from all sorts of places, but there were only a few that were truly famous across the lands. For instance, the Darby family was known as Jiangnan’s top family, but it was still restricted to the Jiangnan region. His family was rather insignificant at the national level.

Naturally, only extremely large families were known across the world. For instance, everyone knew about Kyoto’s Newman family.

Besides these extremely large families, there were also a few hidden families.

These hidden families were tremendously powerful but did not involve themselves in matters of the martial arts world, therefore only a few people knew about them.

The Carter family was a family of cultivators that had been hidden for centuries! Indeed, their whole family consists of cultivators and all of them were quite powerful!

Rumor has it that the Carter family’s patriarch, did not involve himself in the martial arts world’s matters, but his strength was not inferior to the Six Sects’ heads! He was an absolute first- class expert!

At that moment, Naomi could not help but asked, “ Sir Carter, you’re here too? Are you here to fight over an apprentice as well?”

Master Leonard, Master Reed, and everyone else instantly showed a worried expression.

If Zoran were to ask Darryl to be his apprentice and Darryl accepted, they could do nothing but look on in despair.

After all, the Carter family was a family of cultivators that had been hidden for centuries and whose strength was not weaker than any of the Six Sects’.

More importantly, the Carters and the Six Sects always had a good relationship and it would be inappropriate to ruin it.

At that moment, Zoran looked at Darryl with a smile and asked, “Mister Darryl, I came here today to ask if you know Daniel Darby? I feel both of you look quite alike.”

Darryl smiled wryly and said, “Daniel is my father.” “He’s your father?”

Zoran’s eyes were wide opened as he checked out Darryl and suddenly laughed. “It’s as I thought. No wonder both of you look so similar, turns out you’ re his son!”

What was going on?

Everyone present looked at each other in confusion.

How were these strangers suddenly so well- acquainted?

Darryl was shocked and said, “Sir, you and my father…”

Zoran laughed as he could not hold back his excitement and interrupted Darryl before he could finish his sentence.  “Your father and I are pretty much-sworn brothers.”

Zoran lightly sighed and continued speaking with much emotion, “It all began twenty years ago when I was still an ordinary child of the family with no way of inheriting the patriarch position. I was still young so I wandered the martial arts world trying to make a living. I still remember clearly it was winter when I arrived in Donghai City. I was badly injured from fighting off a group of gangsters in order to save a female student and laid on the snow with barely an inch of my life left.”

Zoran paused for a moment, looked at Darryl, and smiled. “Your father rescued me at that time. Your father even took care of me for over two months after I had awakened. During those two months, your father and I immediately hit it off and almost became sworn brothers. However, your grandfather stopped us saying that my origins were unknown.”

Darryl smiled wryly seeing Zoran’s helpless feelings. Indeed his grandfather was rather stubborn at times.

Zoran continued, “Eventually I recovered and before I left, your father and I made an agreement. Our children will be sworn brothers if they are both males and shall be married if they are of opposite genders…”

“Eventually I had two daughters and my eldest should be married to you,” said Zoran followed by loud laughter, “I wonder if Mister Darryl is engaged to anyone at the moment?”

Oh sh*t.

Darryl was immediately stunned upon hearing those words and instinctively took a glance at Lily beside him.

Never did he think his father would have such experiences when he was younger. It was unexpected that Daniel would know such a hidden and important figure.

It was just that…Darryl was utterly embarrassed by his father’s and Zoran’s agreement to marry their children with his wife present.

As expected, Lily’s expression slowly flushed, and rolled her eyes at Darryl seemingly from anger, but her eyes still contained tenderness for Darryl. It was simply alluring.


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