The ultimate husband Chapter 432

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 432 – Darryl instantly heard a joyful voice which was followed by the appearance of a beautiful figure in front of him.

It was from Lily!

Darryl could not help but laugh upon seeing Lily’s eyes that were swollen from crying. “What’s wrong, Lilybud? Why are your eyes so red?”

Lily tightly held Darryl’s hands as she laid on his body and cried tears of joy. “Hubby… it’s amazing that you’re awake. I thought I’ve lost you…”

Lily had been constantly praying for him to come round ever since Darryl’s injury! The heavens finally listened to her prayers and Darryl was awake now…

Of course, the person who contributed the most was none other than Yvonne who brought them the Nine Resurrection Pill.

Darryl felt warm as saw Lily’s tears and gently patted her shoulder. “There, there, I’m fine now…”

He heartily smiled and continued, “Besides, how can I d*e when we haven’t even made love yet?”

Lily became shy and her delicate face immediately blushed upon hearing Darryl’s words.

Darryl was still a smooth-talker even now!

Lily stood up in embarrassment and stomped her feet. “So uncouth.”

She could not help but tuck Darryl under the

blanket as she spoke and gently asked him, “Hubby, are you hungry? I’ll cook something for you.”

Darryl had been unconscious for two days and had not even drunk a drop of water. No cultivator would be able to endure that situation.

Darryl licked his dry lips and said with a smile, “I’m not hungry, just a little thirsty.”

Lily nodded her head and hastily poured a glass of water upon hearing his words. She carefully propped Darryl up and fed him the water. Even though her movements were a little clumsy, it was still kind and gentle.


Darryl happily drank a few mouthfuls of water while savoring Lily’s tenderness. He immediately felt a lot better now.

“Lilybud, how long was I unconscious?” Darryl asked after swallowing the water.

Lily huffed and smiled gently. “You’ve been unconscious for two days now. I was so afraid during the past two days that something might’ve happened to you. Thankfully the Nine Resurrection Pill managed to save you.”

Nine Resurrection Pill?

Darryl’s expression became solemn in an instant upon hearing Lily mentioning the pill.

If was recorded in the Infinite Elixir Manual that the Nine Resurrection Pill was very mystical. It was specifically used to treat lower energy field injuries! There were three energy fields on the human body, located on the head, chest, and lower abdomen respectively.

The Nine Resurrection Pill only had a single function which was to heal a cultivator’s lower energy field.

If the lower energy field was injured, no other medicine except the Nine Resurrection Pill could help! Therefore this elixir pill was one of the best! It could not be bought on the market even if one had money!

Moreover, the Nine Resurrection Pill could not be refined by any ordinary person. In addition, the pill’ s refinement method had been long lost and presently only Darryl knew how to refine it.

Darryl could not help but ask Lily after thinking, “ Lilybud, where did you get the Nine Resurrection?”

Lily had just become a cultivator and would not know of any Pill Refining Masters.

Lily’s expression was uneasy as she gently sighed and softly answered, “It’s…Yvonne, she brought the pill.”

Yvonne Young?

Darryl was stunned as his mind flooded with the image of a slim and beautiful figure.

Yvonne actually found the Nine Resurrection Pill?

Although Darryl was shocked, he did not think much of it and changed the topic. “Lilybud, what did the principal say after I fainted on the battle stage?”

Lily thought for a moment and said, “The principal said that you’re completely worthy of being the champion, it’s just that you are heavily injured. The responsibilities of dealing with the Golden Lion will have been yours had you survived. Otherwise, Megan will be handling it. They probably think that you’re d**d now…and I’m guessing they’ll be handling the responsibility to Emei Sect’s Megan soon…” What?

“Honey… quick… Get me the phone,” said Darryl anxiously. He almost died for the right to k**l and was not about to lose it!


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