The ultimate husband Chapter 430

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 430 – ‘I am willing to marry anyone if I have to do it for you. I just want you to live.’

At the Young family residence.

The Young family residence was calm and peaceful as always, but the atmosphere at the main hall was solemn.

Yvonne had returned with the news of her impending marriage. She would marry a son from the Langley family. Of course, she had omitted the part about saving Darryl.

Kingston looked at Yvonne and asked curiously, ” Do you really want to marry Jeremy?”

Ever since Yvonne met Darryl, she was head over heels in love with him. It looked like she was finally over that.

He had met Jeremy a couple of times. The young man looked smart, and his family was wealthy. He was a much better choice than Darryl.

Yvonne’s eyes were red as she replied softly, ” Father, I have thought about it. Please help me spread the news.”

“Good, that’s great!” Kingston was so happy; his daughter was about to get married. He left the main hall and started to call their relatives.

The Young family had many relatives and connections in Donghai City. The eldest daughter of the Young family would get married in three days! The news spread all over Donghai City.

An hour later, a luxurious sports car drove into the car porch of the Young residence. Jeremy stepped out with a unique wooden box in his hand.

“Yvonne, Yvonne…”

Once he stepped into the garden, he walked excitedly to the hall and handed the wooden box to Yvonne. “The Nine Resurrection Pill, this is it.”

Yvonne walked out quickly in her stilettos; she took the wooden box from Jeremy.

She opened the box and saw a pill in it. It was shining, and it looked lively.

Yvonne did not think any further. She stood up and headed out.

Jeremy followed her. “Yvonne, are you taking this pill to Darryl? I can go with you.”

They would get married soon; he wanted to be with her.

Yvonne bit her lips and said coldly, “That’s fine. I can go on my own.”

Then she continued to say, “You should take care of the wedding preparations.”

Even though she had agreed to marry him, she still rejected him. She did not want him by her side.

Hence, she had to find some excuse to make him stay away.

Jeremy nodded. “You’re right. You are such a nice person, Yvonne. The most important thing right now is the wedding arrangements. This will be the most luxurious wedding in the entire Donghai City! Don’t worry, Yvonne, all the ladies in Donghai City would be envious of you! I shall invite many rich and famous people to our wedding, and also people from our social circles!”

Jeremy laughed. “I have been cultivating for the past year, Yvonne. There will be elders at our wedding too…”

“Fine, you can go ahead with the arrangements.” Yvonne interrupted him.

“Great, great! I shall go now.” Jeremy left happily. Yvonne sighed when she saw him leave. Then, she took a deep breath and drove straight to the Lyndon family home.


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