The ultimate husband Chapter 429

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 429 – He wanted to marry her in three days?

Yvonne did not want to do that. Jeremy was infamous for his ****. She had heard about his messy s****l relationships with many women. Even though he looked smart, he had no manners at all. He would always shout at the waiters or security guards when they went out together. He wanted to show off!

Those were some of the reasons Yvonne did not want to go out with him. How could she marry a man like him?

However, if she did not agree to his terms, he would never agree to give the pill to her, and she would not be able to rescue Darryl.

Yvonne was confused and puzzled.

When he saw that Yvonne was still in doubt, Jeremy held her hand and said, “Yvonne, I am not taking advantage of you. I really like you; I was attracted to you from the first sight. It is my dream to marry you. It’s true. I will treat you well, I promise.”

Jeremy looked sincere. ” If you agree to this, then I will give you the Nine Resurrection Pill to save Darryl.”

Yvonne blushed; she pulled her hand back quickly.

“If you don’t agree to that, then I shall leave.” Jeremy stood up and turned to leave. He could see that Yvonne wanted the pill desperately.

As expected, Yvonne was nervous once Jeremy stood up. She grabbed his hand. “Don’t go, I—”

Yvonne bit her lips until it was about to bleed!

“Fine, I agree with your terms! I agree!” Yvonne’s eyes were red. She had no choice; she would regret her if anything bad were to happen to Darryl.

Jeremy was happy to hear that. “Great!”

He had always dreamed about marrying Yvonne.

Yvonne looked firmly at Jeremy. “Don’t forget your promise. Jeremy. I want you to send me the pill immediately.”

Jeremy nodded and smiled, “Fine. As you have agreed, we shall announce the news about our marriage tomarrow morning. This is excellent news. We shall celebrate it grandly and let the entire Donghai City know about it.”

Jeremy knew the only reason Yvonne agreed to marry him was to save Darryl.

He wanted to announce the news so that Yvonne would not be able to go back on her decision. Her family would be in shame if she were to go back on her words.

Yvonne shivered, and her lips bled.

He wanted to announce the news. Once he released the information about their marriage, then she would not be able to turn back! All the families in Donghai City would send gifts, and she would have to marry him.

Yvonne felt complicated, but she nodded. “Fine.”

Jeremy was excited, so he smiled and said, “Alright, then. Wait for my call, I will go home to discuss it with my family, and then, I’ll send you the pil.”

Jeremy stood up and walked out of the café happily.

As Jeremy left, Yvonne started to cry. ‘Darryl, I would do anything for you.’


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