The ultimate husband Chapter 428

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 428 – Yvonne continued to say, “Can you come now? I shall wait for you at the Dream Destiny Café.”

“Sure, I will be right there.” Jeremy was so excited. What fantastic news; his goddess had asked him out!

At the Dream Destiny Café.

There were not many customers at that time; only a few youngsters were there.

Yvonne walked into the cafe; many men looked at her. Short skirt, stilettos, and the perfect facial features—she looked extremely elegant and irresistible.

However, Yvonne looked worried.

Not long after she sat down, a fashionable young man walked in; he had a bouquet of roses in his hand. The man was Jeremy.

“Yvonne, this is for you.” Jeremy looked at Yvonne emotionally. When he saw her perfect body, he said, “You look wonderful.”

He was honest about it. Yvonne had become more and more beautiful after they last met a year ago.

Yvonne forced a smile on her face as she took the flowers. She said, “Jeremy, I remember you said that your family has the Nine Resurrection Pill, is that right?”

Jeremy was surprised; he replied with a smile, “That ‘s right. Why do you mention this?”

Yvonne was nervous; she looked at Jeremy and asked, “Jeremy, can you sell it to me? I will buy it at any price.”

As long as she could save Darryl, she was willing to sacrifice her wealth.

Jeremy did not reply immediately. He furrowed his brows and said, “Why do you want it?”

“I need it to save someone, Jeremy. Please sell it to me, just name your price.” Yvonne was desperate.

Darryl was still unconscious; he probably had another four to five hours!

“The person that you wanted to rescue, is it Darryl?

Jeremy smiled as he looked at Yvonne. Everyone in Donghai City had heard about Darryl’s injury at the Lion Slaughtering Conference. Everyone knew that one would not survive if their abdomen were wounded. Only the Nine Resurrection Pill would be able to save him. Coincidentally, Jeremy had one at home.

That might be the only pill in the whole wide world.

Yvonne had asked about it immediately when they met. It was apparent that she wanted to save Darryl.

“Yes, it is Darryl.” Yvonne nodded.

Jeremy smiled, “Yvonne dear, you should know. Even though we bought the Nine Resurrection Pill in the auction, it is the rarest pill in the world. It’s really difficult for me to sell it to you.”

He mocked her in his mind as he said that. ‘You had always looked down on me, and now you are begging for my help.’

Yvonne was desperate, so she leaned forward and said, “Jeremy, the pill is critical to me. Please tell me what you want for you to sell me the pill will agree with your every request!”

“Anything?” Jeremy smiled. Yvonne nodded firmly.

Jeremy looked at Yvonne’s face and said, “Fine. Marry me, then. We shall have our wedding in three days. What do you think?”

Jeremy’s blood pumped in excitement. For the past year, he had tried to get close to Yvonne, but she never responded to him. It would be great if he could marry her.

Would Yvonne agree to do that to save Darryl? She did look desperate.

“How dare you!” Yvonne was furious; her body shook in anger.


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