The ultimate husband Chapter 427

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 427 – “You— Argh, I am so angry!” Samantha growled.

Lily said that she would only love Darryl! Samantha stomped her feet and shouted at her, “I shall deal with you when I get back!” She slammed the door and left.

Lily sighed; she only wanted to cry. She held Darryl’ s hand tightly.

Darryl’s cell phone started to ring. Lily looked at the phone and realized the call was from Miss Keith, Darryl’s class teacher.

Lily answered the call. “Hi, is this Darryl’s wife?”

Katherine asked worriedly.

Lily answered, “Yes, it’s me, Miss Keith.”

Katherine said softly, “There’s something that might save Darryl. It is called the Nine Resurrection Pill. If you can find it before Darryl catches his last breath, you might be able to save him.”

The abdomen was a cultivator’s most critical body part. One would typically d*e if their stomach were injured. Who else could produce a Resumption Pill for Katherine if Darryl were d**d?

So, Katherine looked at all the ancient manuals to look for a way to rescue Darryl. Finally, she found it in one of the ancient manuals, the Nine Resurrection Pill.


Both Lily and Yvonne were delighted to hear that.

“Miss Keith, do you have the Nine Resurrection Pill? ” Lily asked in excitement.

Katherine sighed. “The Nine Resurrection Pill is extremely rare. The method to produce this elixir was lost over the generations. I don’t have it.”

Lily was speechless; all her hope was gone in a second.

It was lost many generations ago, so it was impossible to find it anymore. Lily’s eyes were red as she cried.

At that moment, Yvonne was excited. “Lily, you take care of Darryl. I need to go out for a while. I’ll be back soon.”

Yvonne turned and left the room; she took out her cell phone and dialed a number. The call was answered within seconds.

“Why are you calling me, Yvonne?” A man’s voice was heard from the other side of the call Yvonne bit her lips and hesitated a few seconds. ” Jeremy, are you free? Can we meet?”

Jeremy Langley was the son of a wealthy family in Donghai City. Yvonne had met Jeremy in an antique exhibition about two years ago.

Jeremy had fallen in love with Yvonne at first sight. However, Yvonne was not interested in him. That was why he was curt with her.

Yvonne had not contacted him for more than a year.

However, she wanted to save Darryl, so she did not hesitate to call him. In order to show off his family’ s wealth, Jeremy had told Yvonne that his family had spent three billion bucks on a Nine Resurrection Pill at a private auction.

Even though that was some time ago, Yvonne still remembered it clearly.

Jeremy was excited when he heard that his goddess wanted to meet him. He replied quickly, “Of course, I haven’t seen you in a while, Goddess. I’ve missed you, dearly.”


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