The ultimate husband Chapter 426

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 426 – Somewhere underneath the cliff, Florian gradually opened his eyes. He was covered in blood.

” I am alive?” Florian wanted to cry. He had been lucky. When he fell off the cliff, he thought that he was a d**d man. Who knew that a tree would break his fall?

That was the only tree on the face of the cliff; he would fall if he moved even a little.


Florian panicked as he started to shout. He tried to stabilize his hold on the tree.

The tree had grown in the middle of the cliff walls. The walls were slippery, so he could not climb to safety. The sea was directly beneath him. There was no way for him to move up or down.

Florian finally took out his cellphone to call for help.

He wanted to cry when he realized that there was no signal on his cellphone.

‘Sh*t! I did not get to **** the girl, and I almost d*e because of her,’ Florian thought.

A few moments later, Florian realized that the tree could no longer hold his weight. He had no choice but to jump down to the rough seas.

It was dangerous to jump at that height. However, Florian was a Level Five Master General, and so, he managed to land safely on the beach. However, his feet were numb.

Florian sighed in relief when he landed on the beach. However, he did not know how he could return to the top of the cliff, and his cellphone had no signal.

He ran forward to find other ways to leave. After some time, he arrived at a cave. It was dark and creepy, so he was too scared to go into the cave.

However, he had no other place to go, so he held his breath and walked in.

The cave was not that big. He heard some noises from the ground as he entered it. He got the shock of his life when he looked down; it was some human skeletons. “Sh*t!” He kicked the skeletons aside.

Suddenly, among the skeletons, a yellow-colored scripture appeared in front of Florian. He picked it up quickly, and he was delighted with his find. The words on the cover were ‘Mysterious Godly Scripture’.

At the Lyndon family mansion.

They were in the bedroom, and Darryl laid on the bed with his eyes closed. He was motionless. His breathing was feeble, and it might even stop at any time. During the day, Principal Graham and some elders were there to pass some of their inner energy to Darryl. It was so he could hang on for a little longer.

However, that was only a temporary measure. His abdomen was wounded!

Lily brought about eight doctors to treat Darryl, but they had unanimously given her the same suggestion; she should make f*****l arrangements for him.

Lily and Yvonne sat beside the bed; they were devastated.

“Yvonne, why don’t you take a rest? I can take care of him,” Lily said weakly.

Yvonne bit her lips. Her heart had shattered into pieces because she was that Darryl would d*e. She tried her best to force a smile. “It’s fine. I will stay here with you.”

When it was morning, Samantha walked out of her bedroom in her pajamas and said to Lily, “Lilybud, Yvonne dear, you should get some sleep. What is the point of sitting here? The doctors already said that he would not survive this.”

When they brought Darryl home with his body covered with blood, Samantha was shocked.

What was the point of staying with him if he would not survive the ordeal?

Samantha furrowed her brows. “Lilybud, don’t be foolish, you must take care of yourself. Just let this useless guy d*e.”

‘Lily had lost three precious years married to him. If Lily had married to some rich family, she would have had a perfect life,’ Samantha thought.

“Mother!” Lily cried angrily as her body shivered. ” How could you say that? He is your son-in-law!” Samantha’s words made her heart clenched.

When she saw Lily was emotional, Samantha shook her head and said “What do you mean son-in-law? I never admitted that he was one.”

Then she walked away to change. Their grandmother had announced that everyone should go to her place for a big announcement.

After she changed her clothes and finished her makeup, Samantha looked in the mirror and nodded.

She looked s**y and elegant. She put on her stilettos and headed out. As she stepped out of the door, she said, “Get rid of him now! A d***g man in the family? That’s bad luck! Get him out of here, do you hear me?”

Lily could not hold in anymore; she started to cry loudly. “Mother, stop saying that! I love Darryl! Even if he dies, I will still only love him for the rest of my life!”


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