The ultimate husband Chapter 425

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 425 – Florian walked closer toward the girl. He was surprised to see Queenie was about to jump off the cliff.

He had heard Queenie when she said that she was no longer pure; she had been raped. He was puzzled.

The person who raped Queenie must have been someone from the Darby family. Someone had acted faster than him and taken advantage of her.

Florian continued to walk toward the girl with a dark expression on his face.

“Don’t come near me!” Queenie shouted loudly as she was afraid when Florian walked closer toward her.

Queenie closed her eyes; she wanted to jump off the cliff.

However, she was not fast enough. Florian jumped on her and pressed her body against the rock. He was about to kiss her.

“Stop!” Suddenly, a woman’s voice shouted; it was stern and cold. Florian was stunned. He stopped and turned around.

A slim body figure approached them quickly.

Florian was amazed when he saw the woman; she was as beautiful as a goddess.

She wore a traditional purple long dress. She looked so elegant. She also wore a mask, so he could not see her face clearly. However, it was obvious she had a pair of attractive eyes.

Her beauty attracted Florian. Even though he had seen many beautiful girls, she looked special and different.


Florian finally gathered his thoughts. He sized up the lady, and smiled as he asked, “My beautiful lady, what can I do for you?”

The girl in the long purple dress did reply to him.

Slap! The girl lifted her arms and slapped him across the face.

The slap might have looked gentle, but only Florian knew how scary it had been.

He felt energy swapped in him, and then he bounced off like a kite.

“Argh! ”

Florian shouted in shock; one slap had sent him right off the cliff. As he tumbled off the cliff, he could hear the wave beneath him.

Queenie was stunned, but she was very grateful that the lady had saved her. Even though Fabian did not manage to do anything to her, she still had no intention to live.

She was no longer pure, so why should she continue to live? Then, Queenie jumped off the cliff!

Just as her feet left the ground, the lady in purple lifted her hands gently. She managed to grab a hold on Queenie and pulled her back to safety.

“You—” Queenie was panting. “Why did you save me? I do not want to live anymore. I don’t want to live!”

The lady in purple looked at her. “You are still so young, why would you want to commit s*****e?” Her voice was calm and convincing.

Queenie sighed; her eyes were red. Then she started to sob. “I was raped. I don’t want to live anymore.” She began to cry; it was a pitiful sight.

The lady in purple looked at her and said calmly, ” Since you dare to d*e, why won’t you have the courage to live? Learn to be stronger, and one day you shall seek your revenge.”

“I—” Queenie had nothing to say.

“I had never taken a disciple. Today, I shall make an exception and accept you as my disciple,” the lady in purple said, her voice sounded fresh.

Queenie shivered. The images of Florian as he flew off the cliff when the lady slapped him went through her mind.

“Sister, may I know your name?” Queenie asked curiously.

“That doesn’t matter,” the lady in purple said casually. “From now onward, you shall address me as Master.”

Then she paused and added, ” I am the Honorable Pianist, Celine Maine.”

‘Honorable Pianist, Celine Maine.’ Queenie repeated that in her mind.

Then, Celine gently made a swish movement with her hands, and Queenie floated in the air. Celine grabbed a hold on her as they flew off and disappeared into the dark sky.


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