The ultimate husband Chapter 423

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 423 – “We shall stand united to defend our land against the New World!”

Graham was glad to hear that. He took a deep breath and nodded with a big smile. “Great! Every one of you is a true hero. Thank you.”

Graham bowed and shouted, “We are gathered here today, and we have made alliances; this is something to be celebrated. As the principal of the Hexad School, I shall take good care of everyone here. I have prepared meals for you, so let’s continue the celebration in the school field. Cheers!

“Great! Cheers!” The whole field was filled with laughter.

It was late at night, and the moon and stars were exceptionally bright. The entire Darby family was asleep on that peaceful night.

In a private room, the air was tight. Queenie hugged her knees as she sat motionlessly at a comer. Her eyes were red—they looked hopeless. She had been crying for a long time that her tears had dried.

She had sat there a full day and a night. The Darbys sent her food, but she had not touched any of it.

The previous night was a nightmare that she would never forget. After Jackson raped her, her wonderful world had collapsed. She was too ashamed to continue her life after the monster had raped her.


The door made a sound; Queenie shivered in fear. Was it that monster again? Was he there to **** her again?

While she was worrying, someone walked in. It was the leader of the Darby family, Drake Darby.

When he saw the fear in Queenie’s eyes, he said, ” Miss, don’t be afraid.”

Drake did not know what Jackson had done in the secret room the previous night. He thought the tears on Queenie’s face were because she was afraid.

“You may leave now,” Drake said.

Abbess Mother Serendipity had sent a message to Drake to inform him that one of her students had seriously injured Darryl. She did not think he would be able to survive it. They would not need to go ahead with their plans, and there was no reason to hold the lady for ransom.

Queenie asked, “Who are you? Why did you kidnap me here?”

Drake sighed and said, “Darryl would most likely d*e, so I don’t have to lie to you. We are the Darby family. We brought you here to lure the b*****d, Darryl, out.”

The Darby family was one of the largest families in the city. Of course, Queenie had heard of them.

Drake spoke slowly, “I know that Darryl is your brother-in-law. You should know that he had raped his brother and sister, and he had k****d his grandfather… We would never forgive such a person.

Even though it was not honorable to restrain the girl, he had to let her know the truth.

Before he could finish, Queenie turned furious. She shouted, “You are a liar. My brother-in-law is not a bad person, but all of you are! All of you are evil!” She would never forget about the incident the previous night.

Drake sighed. “It is up to you to believe me or not, but it is the truth. After all the bad things that he had done, he finally got what he deserved. He is injured, and he would most probably not survive.”

Queenie’s head started to spin. Darryl was injured? That was impossible. Darryl was so strong; how would he be injured?

Queenie did not believe him; she started to cry. “I don’t believe you. You are lying!” They were all b******s!

Drake did not want to say anything further. “If he is not seriously injured, do you think that I would let you leave? Just go. Open the door and leave. No one will stop you.” Then Drake turned and left.

In the hall, Drake was visibly upset. He had always admired Darryl. How could he make all those mistakes repeatedly, and ended up in such a manner? What a waste!


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