The ultimate husband Chapter 422

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 422 – Darryl had helped Megan countless times. She had solved many cases with his assistance. It was because of Darryl that Megan could cultivate the Master General level. However, she had injured him.

Would he d*e?

Megan’s heart sank when she thought about that. Abbess Mother Serendipity did not notice Megan’s emotion; she smiled when she saw Darryl’s injury. His chances of survival were slim.

“Mister Darby, I have eliminated your useless grandson. You may now rest in peace,” Abbess Mother Serendipity said softly as she nodded with a smile.

Graham, who stood in the middle of the stage, raised his hands and said, “Everyone. Everyone! We don’t know about Darryl’s condition yet, so we’ll end the challenge here. When Darryl is awake, he can execute the Golden Lion then. If he does not survive, then Miss Megan from the Emei family will be our champion, and she will get to execute the Golden Lion.”

No one said a single word. Graham continued in a solemn voice, “Now, I have another announcement. Recently, the Six Sects received news about strong cultivators at the New World. They are planning an a****k against us.”

All of the students from the Hexad School looked at each other; they felt lost.

New World? What was that about?

When he realized that the students were confused, Graham explained, “My dear students, after you’ve graduated, you’ll join the Six Sect. You are the future of the Six Sects, so it is time for me to share some information with you.”

Graham said calmly, “There are two main parts of the land in our world. The part that we are living in is called World Nature, and the other is the New World.”

“During ancient times, the emperor and Janson were at war. Janson lost the war, so he brought the remainder of his soldiers and citizens to reside in the New World. Janson used all of his energy to create the Sea of D***h to separate the two lands.”

“Only the strongest cultivator could cross the Sea of D***h. This is because only the strongest cultivator would be able to float and use his internal energy to defend the Sea of D***h’s gravity. It is a perilous journey for cultivators who are not strong enough,” Graham said slowly. Everyone was amazed.

The Hexad School’s students were surprised to hear that. There was another land on earth. How wicked!

Graham went on to say, “Janson and his millions of citizens retreated to the New World; they spent thousands of years to reproduce and rebuild. They had never interacted with our land.”

“It was not until the Qing Dynasty that interaction started between our lands. Of course, due to the Sea of D***h, only strong cultivators could cross over to the opposite side.”

Graham looked worried. “Recently, we received news that the Emperor of the New World had sent cultivators to our land to invite strong families to join them. They had plans to dominate World Nature.”

“If all the families and sects were to join the New World Emperor, they would destroy World Nature. The New World Emperor is a cruel and aggressive man. Sooner or later, there will be a battle between our lands.

The atmosphere was silent; no one said a single word. Everyone felt a sense of danger and threat in their mind.

Graham smiled when he saw everyone’s worried faces. “Well, I believe that everyone understood what I meant. The future may not look optimistic for now, but I hope that when the New World attacks us, we will be united to work together. We will never bow to the New World Emperor,” Graham said in confidence and pride.

Everyone was motivated. The Beggars’ sect leader, Steven Simmons, stood up and shouted, “I am Steven Simmons, the Six-Fingered Legend 3› nd generation leader of the Beggars’ sect. I shall swear on behalf of our sect that we would fight to our end.

“That’s right. We, from the Mountain Peak Sect, agree to that, too!”

“The Great Honor Family is in agreement as well. Even though we are not a big sect, we would still defend World Nature until our last breath.”

“United we stand!”

The students were highly-motivated, so they started to shout. “United we stand! ”

Tens of thousands of them shouted at the same time, in pride and honor.


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