The ultimate husband Chapter 419

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 419 – “This guy is too arrogant; let’s fight him together,” someone in the crowd shouted. Then, more than 20 people rushed onto the stage.

They were from different sects and families,  but they had only one aim, and that was to defeat Darryl.

Whoever defeated Darryl would get the opportunity to k**l the Golden Lion, and the person to k**l the Golden Lion would be famous.

Megan bit her lips and said unhappily, “It was supposed to be a one-on-one battle, but now all of them want to a****k him at the same time. Bullies!”

Right as she said that, she felt a pair of eyes staring at her.

She lifted her head and met Abbess Mother Serendipity’s eyes.

“What did you say, Megan?” Abbess Mother Serendipity asked her.

At that moment, Darryl was surrounded by more than zo people on the stage.

All of them had their blades and swords and they charged toward Darryl!

Even though the men on the stage were from famous families and sects, they did not hesitate to a****k together. How shameless!

Darryl smiled coldly at them, but he remained calm.

He raised his arms slowly; nine long dragons appeared, and they surrounded his body!

One of the dragons roared.

All the animals in the close vicinity dropped to the ground; that was the might of the dragon.

Everyone stood up to look at the stage. Then they looked at Darryl.


The nine gold dragons circled the entire stage.

“Argh!” There were many screams and shouts on the stage. The person with the highest level was a Level Two Master General. How could they take that hit? In the blink of an eye, there were splashes of blood everywhere. The men dropped to the ground like flies; none were left standing on the stage.

What technique was that?

Everyone was in shock; no one said a word.

The crowd realized that Darryl had not been using his full power. If he were to in leash his full potential, then everyone on the stage would be d**d.

All the leaders and elders from the respective sects were stunned when they saw that. They knew that Darryl would be famous after that fight. He would make history.

However, they knew that the technique Darryl used was not one from any of the Six Sects. No one had ever seen it before.

Darry was the only one on the stage when he said coldly, “Anyone else?”

There was complete silence! No one dared to challenge Darryl when they saw his real strength.

What a joke! None of the zo men could beat him. If someone challenged him by themselves, they would only ask for trouble.

“Anyone else want to challenge me?” Darryl shouted again. He was not loud, but everyone could feel the pressure off him.

The crowd was silent again. Darryl asked for three more times, but no one answered his challenge.

Darryl smiled proudly.

Graham sighed and walked toward the middle of the stage. He said softly, “Darryl had defeated all of them. Since there is no new challenger, I shall announce the winner is from the Hexad School, Darr.

Before he could finish his words, Abbess Mother Serendipity stood up and shouted, “Hang on! There is one more contender from the Emei family.”

Everyone shouted in shock.

Abbess Mother Serendipity smiled and gave Megan a slight push. “Megan, go ahead.”

What? Megan was stunned when she said, “Master, I am only a Level One Master General, I—”

Megan had never expected that her master would want her to join the fight. Darryl was a strong opponent; he had defeated Wyatt and Spencer.

Abbess Mother Serendipity furrowed her brows and said annoyingly, “I’ve asked you to go, so go. No questions!”

Megan was worried when the zo men surrounded Darryl. She must have feelings for him. Even though she denied it, her emotions still showed; she could not hide it.

Abbess Mother Serendipity would never let anyone from her family to have any connection with such a b*****d!

Megan felt conflicted. “Master, I do not wish to go onto the stage—” Everyone stared at them.

Abbess Mother Serendipity was furious. She yelled, “Will you not follow my order, Megan? How dare you disobey me!”


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