The ultimate husband Chapter 417

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 417 – Darryl did not panic. He stood there steadily.

He was not worried when he saw the air blades. However, we marched forward. He used his body to defend against the air blades.

Interestingly, the air blades shattered into pieces when it touched Darryl’s body. The man was not injured at all!

What had happened? Everyone was surprised.

Darryl smiled. He had worn the Celestial Silkworm Armor. The air blades would not be able to pierce through that. As such, he only needed to use the upper half of his body to defend the air balance!

Then, Darryl was right in front of Wyatt. He did not expect Darryl would be completely unhurt. He reached out his palm to hit Darryl.

Everyone thought Darryl would avoid the punch, but the man stuck out his palm to strike against his opponent’s palm!

It looked like they were fighting with their inner energy?

Darryl and Wyatt’s palms were locked against each other, and they battled with their inner energy.

“This guy is looking for d***h!”

“Yes, a Level Two Master General wants to go against Wyatt? He must be crazy.”

Everyone was excited about the fight.

No one noticed the smile on Darryl’s lips. That was right. Darryl did that intentionally.

Darryl would not be able to defeat Wyatt as he was the Wudang family’s most talented member. Wyatt had cultivated from countless martial secret manuals.

However, if they were to battle with their inner energy, Wyatt might not be able to defeat  Darryl.

Even though Darryl was at a lower level than Wyatt, but Darryl had cultivated the Pure Energy Scripture; his inner energy had improved tremendously. His internal energy was in par with a Level One Martial Marquis.

Wyatt was stunned, and he struggled to hold on. However, his inner energy was weak; it was like water had flowed into Darryl’s body. There was no damaging effect at all.

‘How could he be so strong? That’s impossible. He is only a Level Two Master General,” Wyatt thought.

Finally, after he held on for five minutes, Wyatt could not stand it anymore. His face was blood-red, his body shook, and he withdrew a few steps backward. He dropped onto the floor and vomited a whole mouth of fresh blood!

What? Had Darryl won?

Everyone was in shock when they saw the results. All of them had their mouths wide open; he was speechless. The crowd was d**d silent!

Abbess Mother Serendipity, who sat near the stage, slammed her list on the chair beside her; her face looked terrible.

At that moment, none of the students from the Hexad School made a single sound.

Wyatt stood up slowly and stared at Darryl; he could not believe what had happened. Wyatt was the top talent from the younger generation. His face was so pale, and he fainted while he pointed at Darryl.

The silence was rather frightening.

Finally, someone in the crowd started to clap, and everyone started to applause Darryl’s victory.

‘He won? Had he really won? My husband has won?’

Lily thought.

Lily just wanted to run toward Darryl to hug and kiss him. If Yvonne had kept a hold on the woman, she would not be able to stand up.


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