The ultimate husband Chapter 416

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 416 – That was Wyatt on the stage. Was he out of his mind?

Darryl felt the care from Lily and Yvonne’s eyes. He felt a rush of warmth in his body. He nodded to both of them before he turned to walk up to the stage.

“Evelyn, look!” Circe said to Evelyn as she pointed at Darryl. “He is going up the stage.”

“He is looking for d***h,” Evelyn replied coldly.

When Evelyn battled Wyatt, she could feel his strength. She believed no one in the crowd would be able to defeat him.


Abbess Mother Serendipity, who was seated at the opposite side of the stage, locked her sharp eyes on Darryl.

How could such a useless person join the fight?

It might be a good idea. If Wyatt could k**l him on the spot, it would save a lot of her effort.

“Why is he up there?”

Megan, who stood at the back, covered her mouth as he sighed.

‘How could he not know his own strength? ‘ Megan started to worry, too.


Abbess Mother Serendipity saw the emotion on Megan’s face and asked, “Meg, are you worried about him?”

It appeared her speculation was correct. Megan had fallen for Darryl. She had always been calm and never had any worry for another man. How coald she fall for such a useless man like Darryl?

Abbess Mother Serendipity knew she must stop Megan from falling for such a man.

Megan felt the coldness from Abbess Mother Serendipity. She said softly, “No, I am not. I told you my fiancé is Kent. How could I fall for someone else?”

Abbess Mother Serendipity did not ask further questions and started to focus her attention on the stage.

Darryl was finally on the stage. Wyatt took a good look at him and furrowed his brows. “Hey man, you are looking for d***h?”

Darryl was a student from the Hexad School. He was definitely looking for d***h.

Darryl seemed like he was only a Level Two Master General. Wyatt shook his head and said, “No, I shall not bully you.”

“Rubbish, let’s get started,” Darryl said coldly with both hands behind his back.

“Sh*t. Fine, let me send you to your d***h!” Wyatt did not waste any time. He lifted his hands, and a glaring and shining light appeared around him.

“I had said earlier, whoever dares to challenge me will either be d**d or seriously injured.” Everyone had heard him clearly. They dared not speak another word. Then Wyatt shouted, “Million Arrows Shooting Stars.”


The air immediately froze into air blades. Thousands of air blades surrounded Wyatt.

“D*e!” Wyatt pointed at Darryl. The blades flew toward Darryl. The silence was broken.

The crowd hissed.

It was apparent that Wyatt wanted to k**l Darryl as fast as he could. Who would be able to avoid the thousands of air blades? The man would be seriously injured.

“My dear!” Lily shouted as she started to rush toward the stage, but she was too late.


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