The ultimate husband Chapter 415

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 415 – He would run in the field naked?

The entire Class Sixteen broke into laughter when they heard what Daisy said.

Declan gave Daisy a big thumbs up. What a brilliant idea!

Darryl shook his head. Xavion and Dax’s older cousin sister was a pretty and capable person. How could she come up with such a silly idea?

‘Fine, If you want to humiliate me, then I shall let you humiliate yourself in front of everyone.’

Darryl smiled as he looked at Daisy. ” Fine. But if I were to win, then you would have to confess your love to me in front of all the teachers and students. A sincere confession.”


The entire class broke into laughter again; how arrogant was Darryl!

It must be humiliating to confess one’s love to a live-in son-in-law!

Daisy was a popular lady; she had dozens of admirers in school. All of them looked angry.

“How could a goddess confess her love to a useless man like you?”

“Why don’t you keep dreaming?”

Darryl ignored all of them; he smiled at Daisy. ” What do you think? Would you take the bet?”

“Of course. Don’t forget to go by the bet. Everyone could be our witness.” Daisy smiled. She knew she would never lose.

Wyatt was a talented and powerful man; Darryl, the live-in son-in-law, would not be able to win.

Darryl smiled and nodded. Then he stood to stretch his hands and legs as he got ready to go onto the stage.


Katherine pulled Darryl’s hand; she looked worried. “Darryl, where are you going?”

She could not believe that Darryl would want to go up onto the stage.

“I am going to a fight.” Darryl smiled.

“No, I won’t allow you to do that,” Katherine said gently. “Darryl, let’s be rational. Wyatt is the Wudang family’s most talented member. No one from the same generations in the Six Cults can beat him.”

Katherine continued to say, “Even Xavier would not be able to defeat him. The reason you defeated Xavier was purely based on a surprise a****k. Wyatt might have a tough time if he were to face Xavier. Besides, Wyatt already said that he would not let anyone who challenged him to leave the stage unharmed.

“It’s fine,” Darryl replied. He patted Katherine’s hand to comfort her.

“Darryl!” Katherine panicked. She could only watch as Darryl walked toward the stage.

Everyone started to gossip about Darryl when they saw him step onto the stage alone.

‘Is he not afraid of d***h? How would he dare to challenge Wyatt?’ most of them thought.

“Isn’t that the live-in son-in-law from Class Sixteen?”

“He wants to challenge Wyatt? Is he looking for d***h?”

Almost everyone recognized that it was Darryl.

“My dear! ”

A panicked voice was heard from the back of the stage. Darryl turned and saw Lily at the Class Seventeen area. She looked distraught. “My dear, what are you doing? Come back here!”

There were tens of thousands people there, but no one was brave enough to challenge Wyatt. Even though Darryl was not too weak, he was no match to Wyatt’s skills.

Yvonne, who sat beside Lily, looked tightly at Darryl. She was so worried that her body shook.


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