The ultimate husband Chapter 414

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 414 – Evelyn looked terrible. She was furious, embarrassed and in despair.

She thought she could win the fight and be the champion quite easily; she never thought that Wyatt would appear. She was from the Eternal Life Palace family while Wyatt was from the Wudang family. How could she go with him to k**l her grandfather?

“Let go of me!” Evelyn snarled.

Wyatt let go of her. They were in a public space; it was not appropriate for him to keep his hold on her waist.

Evelyn bit her lips and walked down the stage, back to her seat. Her eyes were all read, and she almost cried.

Circe felt sad; she consoled her, “Evelyn, don’t worry, we’ll find another way.”

Evelyn did not say another word. She could not stop crying. The battle would end soon, how could there be any other way?

Wyatt, who was still on the stage, smiled confidently. He looked around the stage and said, ” Anyone else would like to challenge me? For those who wish to step forward, be warned. The beautiful lady was able to leave the stage unharmed, simply because she was beautiful. For the rest of you, you shall be d**d or seriously injured! ”

His words made all the young people shivered.

Wyatt had warned them, who would dare to step up onto the stage?

The atmosphere turned silent! No one dared to go onto the stage.

Darryl, who was at the side of the stage, took a deep breath.

The Cult Mistress had given him the task to steal the scripture, but it was an impossible task.

Principle Graham was a Level Five Martial Marquis. Even though Darryl had cultivated the Secret Theft Skill, there was just no chance for him.

Darryl saw a new opportunity for him to obtain a scripture. He just needed to defeat Wyatt, and he would win the right to k**l Zion Featherstone. Then he could obtain the Supreme Mystery Scripture to complete his task and return to Elysian Island.

At that moment, Katherine sighed. “Wyatt is not only talented; he is good-looking too. I guess there’s no doubt he will be the champion today.”

“Not necessarily. I have not gone up the stage yet.” Darryl laughed.

Even though Darryl talked to himself softly, few of his classmates heard him!

They all broke into uncontrollable laughter. Darryl, the loser, tried to be silly again.

Their laughter brought the rest of the crowd’s attention toward them. Everyone looked at them, puzzled.

Darryl did not say a word. He contemplated whether he wanted to join the challenge on the stage.

Daisy Palmer, who sat in front of Darryl, said loudly, “Did you hear that? Darryl said that Wyatt might not win as he had not gone up the stage yet!” Then she laughed.


Everyone broke into laughter again.

“Darryl, do you know that you do not even qualify to be Wyatt’s servant? People like you would dare to challenge him?” Xavion said while he admired Wyatt, who was on the stage.

Not only was Wyatt good looking, but he was also the most worthy young talent in the Wudang family. Many ladies dreamt to be with him.

Darryl smiled. “What if I dare to go onto the stage?” What? Did he want to go on the stage?

Was that an effort to save his dignity? They laughed Daisy replied, “What’s the point of you going up to the stage anyway? You would be defeated within the first round. Please don’t embarrass our class.”

Darryl laughed when he heard what she had said. ”

How would you know that?”

Was Darryl kidding? Did he mean he could win? They laughed again.

Daisy could not hold her laughter. “Darryl, why don’ t we make a bet?”

She raised his hand and pointed toward the running track on the field nearby. “If you were to lose, you would have to run around the track naked for five rounds in front of everybody.”


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