The ultimate husband Chapter 413

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 413 – Circe had heard about Wyatt too. In fact, who had not heard about that young man?

Circe broke out in cold sweat. She was worried for Evelyn as she was not sure if she could handle him.

Wyatt looked at Evelyn on the stage, and he smiled, “You are such a beautiful lady, I don’t wish to hurt you. Don’t worry; I will be gentle as I respect you as a lady.”

“Let’s begin then,” Evelyn replied coldly.

Wyatt might have looked smart and strong, but he was such a flirt. However, Darryl was not better than him.

Wyatt smiled as he bowed. “Ladies first.”

“You ask for it!” Evelyn said coldly, and she immediately launched a punch toward him.

“Oh, Pretty Lady, you are too slow.” “No, you are too weak”

Wyatt was just too strong and skilfull; he could still tease Evelyn as they fought.

Evelyn was angry and ashamed, she tried harder and harder, but it did not work. Each time she tried to a****k, Wyatt was able to block her.

All the audience were impressed with their skills.

They had already battled for more than a dozen rounds, but Evelyn still did not manage to a****k Wyatt! She was furious and ashamed, and she was also worried.

She had gotten so far, and she could not let her effort go to waste! Her grandfather was her only family; she would not survive if she were to lose him.


Her a****k was blocked by Wyatt again. Evelyn bit her lips and reached for her weapon. It was the Crescent Moon Blade.

“Oh, Pretty Lady. Are you bringing out the weapon now?”

Wyatt smiled at Evelyn. “Pretty Lady, now that I’ve played with you for so long, it is time to end this.”

Right after he said that, Wyatt held his palms together and gathered his internal energy. Then, he launched his fist with all his strength!

Evelyn shouted, “Pure Double Slay!”

Suddenly, Evelyn had blades on each of her hands and charged aggressively toward Wyatt. She was as fast as lightning.

Did she plan to go all out? Everyone wondered about that.

Everyone felt that Evelyn had a higher chance to win it. However, Darryl shook his head; he knew Evelyn would definitely lose.

It was apparent that Wyatt had not really used all his skills. The only reason he did not defeat Evelyn was that he wanted to play around with her.

Since Evelyn utilized all her skills, Wyatt would not give way so easily anymore.

It was true. Wyatt avoided Evelyn’s blades and flicked his finger on the blades as he did that.


That was the metal sound from the blades, and Evelyn almost lost her grip on the blades. She tumbled a few steps backward.

“Pretty Lady, you are about to lose,” Wyatt said with a big smile, and he quickly rushed forward and grabbed Evelyn’s waist.

Evelyn tried her best to avoid him, but she had lost all of her energy. He had no choice but to let Wyatt’ s hand grab her waist.

“Let go of me!” Evelyn shouted in anger and embarrassment.

Wyatt took a deep breath. “Pretty Lady, you smelled so nice. Don’t worry. If I were to win this, I wouldn’t mind bringing you along to k**l the Golden Lion. What do you think?”

Wyatt guessed that Evelyn was a competitive person.

“Let me go!”


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