The ultimate husband Chapter 412

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 412 – Fabian’s face was scarlet red; he was furious that someone slapped him in front of everyone. Then he punched Evelyn with the Energy Draining Method.

Evelyn did not move an inch; she stood still as Fabian hit her shoulders.


At that moment, Fabian let out a cold breath! He had used the Energy Draining Method to absorb some of Evelyn’s inner energy. However, that was enough to break him!

“What a strong and chilly inner energy! ”

Fabian felt cold; his teeth chattered uncontrollably, so he could not say a word. Was that the Pure Feminine Method? Fabian felt extremely fearful.

That was right! Evelyn had cultivated the Pure Feminine Method from the Immaculate Girl Scripture.

What had happened? Could Fabian not move?

The crowd around the stage was unsure about what had happened.

There was a layer of ice all over Fabian, and he was frozen.

Darryl was very impressed with Evelyn. She was able to use her cold inner energy to defeat Fabian’s Energy Draining Method.

Graham nodded too. It was really rare to see such a talented young lady with such powerful cold inner energy.


Evelyn lifted her hands and punched Fabian in his chest.


Fabian’s face paled as he collapsed a few steps backward. The ice that surrounded his body shattered all over the stage. He vomited a mouthful of fresh blood before he fainted!


The crowd gave her a thumbs up! That was so impressive!

All the men’s vision was locked onto Evelyn; they were impressed beyond description.

Evelyn kept her cool and said, “Who else?” “Me!” A man in a white shirt stepped onto the stage. The very next second, he flew off the stage a dozen meters away; it was only one slap from Evelyn.

All the men were so emotional; Evelyn was not only beautiful; she was so powerful, too.

All the men were excited to see the beautiful lady on stage; around six to seven men went up to the stage.

However, Evelyn managed to defeat all of them effortlessly!

“Who else? Please, come up,” Evelyn said arrogantly. She was so enthusiastic!

She had defeated eight men; if there were no other contenders, she would be able to save her grandfather.

One minute… Two minutes… Three minutes had passed!

The younger generations from all the families looked at each other, but none of them was brave enough to do anything about it.

Then, a man in black jumped up onto the stage.

He looked smart; he was average-sized, and he had a handsome face; no one could tell if he was only an ordinary person.

Wow, what a handsome man!

All the ladies around the stage went crazy; some even shouted excitedly.

The man clapped his hands gently as he walked toward Evelyn. He smiled and said, “You have excellent skills, Pretty Lady! How could these normal men dare to challenge you? They were foolish.”

The defeated men blushed, but they did not dare to say another word. They felt that the man on the stage was at least a Level Five Master General; he was most probably one level below a Martial Marquis. He looked like he was only in his early twenties. He must be very talented!

Evelyn furrowed her brows and said coldly, “State your name.”

“Wyatt Yenus from the Wudang family.” His voice was so loud that everyone heard them.


“Wyatt Yenus!”

“The Wudang family’s most talented member in the past one hundred years, Wyatt Yenus!”

The atmosphere turned chaotic!

That was right. Wyatt was the leader of the Wudang family’s younger generation. He had achieved Level Five Master General status and at such a young age, too! He had battled with a Master Marquis from the Grandmaster Heaven Cult for over three hundred rounds, and he was not defeated.


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