The ultimate husband Chapter 411

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 411 – Darryl must not go to the battle stage. If he were to d*e in battle, who would give Katherine the Resumption Pill?

When she thought about the Resumption pill, Katherine bit her lip as she handed a bottle of water to Darry. “Some water, Darryl?”

“No need. I’d take a foot massage,” Darryl said casually.


Katherine blushed. Her students were all there, so how could she give him a massage?

“Later. Later in the office, alright?”

“Fine, then.” Darryl nodded as he kept his eyes on the battle stage.

At that moment, a Xiaoyao family member went onto the stage and said to Sawyer, “Fabian Travis from the Xiaoyao family. I’m here for the challenge. Sawyer smiled. “Level Five Master General? Please.” Fabian did not waste a second longer; he turned and punched Sawyer.

However, the punch was so weak and soft!

Sawyer laughed. “Have you not had your meal yet?” “Oh, no! Fabian is a loser; what a weak punch.” “Precisely…”

Everyone around the stage nodded. Bang!

Their fists hit each other, and the arrogant expression on Sawyer’s face immediately changed.

He could feel Fabian absorbed his inner energy as his fist connected with the man.

He had lost almost one-third of his inner energy. “Energy Draining Method! ”

“Wow! This is the Xiaoyao family’s special technique—the Energy Draining Method! ” someone amongst the crowd shouted.

The Energy Draining Method was a unique skill that the Xiaoyao family members practice. Its focus was not to a****k their opponent but to drain their inner energy instead. They would absorb the energy into their body to strengthen their skill.

Fabian grinned coldly as he grabbed the chance to kick Sawyer in his stomach.

Sawyer yelled in pain as he rolled off the stage. He was so weak that he could barely stand up!

“Thank you!” Fabian bowed as he stood in the middle of the stage. He looked around the stage slowly.

Although he did not speak, his intention was obvious; he was waiting for a contender.

The crowd gulped.

Whoever dared to challenge Fabian would most likely end with their inner energy drained and absorbed by Fabian; they would be too weak to survive. Who would be brave enough to take the challenge?

When no one approached the stage, Fabian said to Graham arrogantly, “Mister Potter, shall we impose a time on this? If there is no contender in the next five minutes, I shall be announced as the winner. I can’t wait forever, right?”

A muscular man stood up and said, “Don’t be so arrogant, you have yet to win. I shall challenge you.”

The muscular man charged onto the stage, but within ten minutes, Fabian had absorbed all of his inner energy, and he had fainted on the stage.

Oh, no!

Everyone looked worried. Some men had planned to challenge Fabian on stage, but they had decided to pull out.

The Energy Draining Method was indefeatable.

Three minutes passed by, and there were no new contenders. Graham was about to announce the winner when Evelyn stood up and spoke gently, but firmly, “I’ll do it.”

“Evelyn…” Circe grabbed Evelyn and said worriedly, “He is powerful, and you—”

Before Circe could finish her words, Evelyn stopped her. “Don’t worry, Circe, he is just a normal man.”

Evelyn leapt and landed on the stage gracefully like a butterfly.

Wow, what a beautiful sight!

All the men’s attention was on Evelyn once she stepped onto the stage.

She had prominent facial features and a perfect body shape; she was irresistible.

However, there was some deep and dark energy surrounded the beautiful lady.

Darryl laughed when he saw Evelyn on the stage. Fabian smiled as he looked at Evelyn. “You are no match for me, Pretty Lady. Why don’t I give you a hug and then you can leave the stage? I don’t want to destroy a beautiful lady. I—”


Before Fabian could finish his words, Evelyn gave him a big slap on his face.

Evelyn did not use her inner energy, so that was not cheating.


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