The ultimate husband Chapter 410

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 410 – Sawyer was confident enough to let Aaron hit him first.

The crowd was amazed.

Aaron’s face was red with anger as he felt insulted. He sneered, “Do not blame me after this, you’re the one with a d***h wish.”

He let out a battle cry and sprung through the air like a bullet before charging toward Sawyer with his fists! He concentrated all his might into a punch! Splitting a fully-grown tree would be a piece of cake for him!


The punch landed hard on Sawyer’s body but he stood there unflinching, as steady as a rock!


Aaron’s expression changed drastically the next second as an excruciating pain spread from his arm. He looked down to see the bones of his fist cracking into many fractures!

“Ah!” He screamed in pain. He looked at Sawyer with disbelief with a horrified expression!

“Dragon Conquering Method?”

It was the ultimate skill of the Beggars’ Gang which would increase a person’s defense tremendously! One must be extremely talented to cultivate that method successfully! No one expected the shabby- looking Sawyer to know this skill.

Sawyer smiled sinisterly, “You used up your chance. It’s my turn now.”

Then, he thrust his palm toward Aaron’s chest! Pfft!

Aaron could not dodge in time. He was thrown back before landing with a huge thud. He passed out immediately, it was unknown whether he was still alive!


No one expected the disciple from Beggars’ Sect to be this strong!

The crowd gasped and they were dumbfounded!

Darryl furrowed his brow but he was amused. ’It seems like there are hidden talents in the Lion Slaughtering Conference. It is a surprise to see such an interesting match although the competition just started.’

A few other disciples from Kunlun sect hurriedly went and carried Aaron away.

Sawyer was pleased as he looked at the crowd. “Who ‘s next?!”

He knew that an opponent with the same level as him could not hurt him one bit because of his extremely strong defense from the Dragon Conquering Method!

The crowd looked at each other with doubt when Katherine who was also seated in the spectators’ seats nodded her head in acknowledgment. ’What a young warrior. I can’t believe that he learned such a skill at this age!’

“Guys, which of you has the confidence to defeat Sawyer?” asked Katherine.

Class Sixteen shook their heads reluctantly. ’Sawyer is too strong of an opponent. What if he kills me?’

Daisy Palmer stifled a chuckle and spoke up, “Miss, isn’t Darryl a Level One Master General? Let him compete, he defeated Mister King!”

The class burst into laughter.

A smile escaped Katherine’s lips. She was there during Darryl and Xavier King’s fight and she knew that the reason Darryl won was that Xavier got distracted after he missed his a****k on Darryl.

Darryl then seized the opportunity and gave Xavier a sneaky counterattack to win.

She was certain that Darryl would not be able to defeat Xavier if he did not a****k him by surprise.


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