The ultimate husband Chapter 407

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 407 – Determination could be seen in Evelyn’s gaze. It was her final chance to rescue her grandfather and she had to succeed no matter what, he was her only family left after all!

The spectators’ seats were almost fully taken with the elites from the community. There were even some familiar faces.

Ophelia Lane, the Chairlady of Jiangnan Elixir Association was there and hundreds of Elixir Masters from the association were seated behind her.

Mother Abbess Serendipity, the Elder of Emei sect was also there with hundreds of disciples behind her, Megan Castello included,

‘D*mn it.’ Even the sight of Abbess Mother Serendipity was annoying to Darryl.

Many other elites were seated on the bleachers.

“Miss Katherine, what clans are here aside from the Six Sects?” asked Darryl out of curiosity.

Katherine smiled lightly and introduced them to him.

There were many other organizations and sects of cultivators in the community aside from the six major sects and the two cults.

Although these sects were not as strong nor as famous as the Six Sects, some of them had a long history especially the Beggars’ Sect, Hall of Swords, Island of Peach Blossom, and hundreds of others. However, only dozens of them were invited to the Lion Slaughtering Conference because of the limited seats. Even so, there were more than hundreds of thousands of people there and the seats were packed.

Darryl was overwhelmed with emotions when Katherine finished her introduction.

He just realized that there were so many sects and organizations of cultivators.

Darryl exclaimed silently and could no longer suppress his curiosity. He looked around and noticed that the elites of the community were dressed uniquely! Some of them were wearing mandarin jackets over long robes, some were even wearing Ming Dynasty clothing.

Two of those elites grabbed most of the attention.

One of them was Steven Simmons, the Six-Fingered Legend, the head of Beggars’ Sect.

The other one was Linda Holt, the lady of the Island of Peach Blossom.

Steven was giving out an old-fashioned aura as he was in his eighties and he had a serious hunchback. He looked clean although he was wearing clothing made of rags.

Darryl looked at him, amused by the fact that he was attending the conference even though he was old.

On the other hand, Linda attracted even more attention. She was around 18 years old and she looked fresh and refined in her yellow silk dress. Her long silvery hair was extremely eye-catching.

There was a rumor that her hair became silver because of her cultivating method in the past. Her hair made her look surreal and different from the rest.

A middle-aged man in a Taoist robe with a calm demeanor walked to the judgment stand and spoke in a thick voice, “Silence, please.”

The man’s voice was heard throughout the whole school although he was not holding a microphone! It was obvious that he had solid Internal Energy!

Everyone shifted their attention onto him in an instant.

Katherine whispered, “Darryl, didn’t you mention that you wanted to see the principal? He is the one talking on stage right now, his name is Graham Potter.”

Darryl was shocked internally as emotions overwhelmed him. He looked over to Graham.

He was a Level Five Martial Marquis, same as Mother Abbess Serendipity! He was only one step away from being a Martial Saint!

Darryl gulped. ‘Sh*t, at this stage, I will never have the chance to get him even if I improve myself.’

Graham looked around the field and continued, “ Greetings, everyone! I am Graham Potter, the principal of the Hexad School. As you all know, we will hold the Lion Slaughtering Conference right here.”

“As for why is the conference being held in the Hexad School, I’m sure that many of you already have answers.” Graham continued word by word, “ The school is established by the Six Sects to educate and culture young talents for the Six Sects.

Therefore, every student seated here is possibly a future elite of the Six Sects! That is why we are holding a public e*******n for Zion Featherstone in the school because we want everyone to know that cults will never end well. Only the Six Sects bear true justice.”

Thunderous applause followed Graham’s speech!


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