The ultimate husband Chapter 406

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 406 – ’Has she been waiting at the school entrance because she was worried that I might not give her the Resumption Pill? Katherine is hilarious, haha.’

Katherine hurriedly took the pill and stuffed it into her mouth.

Darryl could not suppress his curiosity and ask, “Is the Lion Slaughtering Conference that huge of a conference? Everybody was talking about it when I’ m on the way here.”

Katherine smiled and answered casually, “Of course, Zion Featherstone is one of the high-rank members in the Eternal Life Palace Sect. Countless lives were lost thanks to his hands! Capturing him is a huge thing in the community. Aside from the

Six Sects, dozens of other sects are attending too. ”

Darryl nodded in acknowledgment. He did not expect Evelyn’s grandfather to be such an influential figure in the community.

Katherine bit her lip and asked carefully, “Darryl, do you…do you only have one Resumption Pill with you?”

Darryl answered simply as he was distracted by the Lion Slaughtering Conference, “Yeah.” Then, he walked to the field in huge steps.

Katherine was exasperated and stomped her foot in frustration before she followed him.

The Lion Slaughtering Conference commenced.

Darryl found his classmates and looked for an empty seat. Katherine took the seat next to him.

Darryl could not calm his emotions as he took in the grand scene in front of him. He took a look around the spectators’ seats and froze.

Circe Newman was seated on the third row among his classmates and a familiar figure was sitting beside her, she had eye-catching long maroon hair.

It was Evelyn Featherstone. ’Sh*t.’

The Lion Slaughtering Conference was her grandfather’s e*******n.

Yet, she was there. She had guts.

Darryl muttered to himself and tilted his head to Katherine on purpose, “Miss Katherine, who is that girl sitting beside Circe? These are seats for our class, why is an outsider sitting here? She even has doesn’t our school prohibit students from dyeing their hair?”

Darryl raised his voice on purpose and caused his classmates to turn to Evelyn.

Evelyn glared at him in anger. After all, she was guilty of sneaking into the seat as it was supposedly for students only.

Katherine replied casually, “Oh, she’s Circe’s friend.”

There were no classes arranged that day because of the Lion Slaughtering Conference. Therefore, it was not prohibited for students to bring friends over.

Darryl went back to silence and stared at Evelyn silently as anger burned inside him. He thought of himself helping to wash her feet in the cafe whenever he saw her.

What bugged him more was the clip her friend took and uploaded to the Internet. It went viral! How disgusting!

Evelyn gave Darryl a cold glance before turning back to the front to focus on the judgment stand.

She was actually extremely anxious at that moment!

Her grandfather was ambushed by the Six Sects when he went out two days ago and they gave him the Trio Poison, a poison prepared with the mixture of venom of vipers, centipedes, and scorpions with the effect of making a person’s body go weak As he was p******d and alone when he was getting attacked by a dozen elites from the Six Sect, Zion was finally defeated and captured.

Evelyn had been racking her brain for a plan to rescue her grandfather for the past few days but she failed.

She had no other choice but to follow Circe to the Lion Slaughtering Conference to seek out an opportunity to rescue him.


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