The ultimate husband Chapter 405

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 405 – ‘What?’

Queenie’s body quivered with shock as she stared at Jackson with disbelief. Then, she shook her head violently, “You’re lying, you must be slandering him! He would never do that! Stop slandering him! He’s one of the best people I’ve met!”

Jackson clenched his fists hard, “I’m going to say it again; he is a monster! Not only did the Darby family know about this, even the entirety of Donghai City knew! You can ask around and you’ll find out that he has a stinking reputation! Me, slandering him? Garbage like him doesn’t even deserve my slander!”

His voice became hoarse from the agitated shouts!

Queenie was upset, her teardrops were falling one after another, “Stop talking, I don’t believe you! You can’t talk about him like that! I don’t allow it…”

“Don’t be mad at me, be mad at him instead.”

Jackson’s tone was cold. Then, he threw himself at Queenie as if he was a madman!

Hexad School, the next day.

The Hexad School was exceptionally lively that day as it was Monday and students were there for classes.

Breaking news just came and spread throughout the entire Donghai City that the Lion Slaughtering Conference would be held in the Hexad School!

Everyone was discussing the event because the Golden Lion, Zion Featherstone, had been captured by the Six Sects!

The Eternal Life Palace Sect had four Guardian Kings and the Golden Lion, Zion, was the eldest among them. His position was right under the Sect Master and Chester Wilson, the military adviser!

The Golden Lion was seen as an archvillain as the Eternal Life Palace Sect was a cult. The news that he was captured was something to be celebrated among the community!

Most importantly, there was a rumor that Zion possessed a Supreme Mystery Scripture. Everyone was curious as to the scripture’s whereabouts after he was captured!

Countless cultivators decided to attend the Lion Slaughtering Conference!

An enormous stage the size of five basketball courts

named the Judgment Stand was set up on the sports field! Rows of seats were set up around the stage and most of them were already taken. Almost all of the students were there, forming a dark crowd from afar. It was a grand scene for any onlookers!

Aside from the students, members of the Six Sects were also seated on the bleachers.

There were also dozens of sects other than the Six Sects including the Iron Palms, Giant Whales, Beggars’ Sect, and more. All the sects had at least hundreds of their men attending the Lion Slaughtering Conference!

The field was filled with hundreds of thousands of people and they were waiting in anticipation for the conference to start!

Darryl was hurrying to the school when he saw the commotion on the field and he was stunned.


‘So many people are attending the conference?’

Darryl muttered to himself and looked to the side. A woman with a curvy figure was standing right at the entrance of the school in a white dress. She looked attractive and charming.

It was from Katherine Keith.

“Darryl.” Katherine’s face lit up with joy and she trotted over in her heels.

Katherine could no longer suppress her desperation and emotions. She asked softly, “Darryl, you’re finally here. Do you have the Resumption Pill?”

She had been there since early in the morning and she waited for more than half an hour.

Darryl could not suppress his amusement when he said, “Yes, it’s right here.”

He took out a pill and put it on Katherine’s palm.


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