The ultimate husband Chapter 404

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 404 – Florian gave Drake an assuring smile, “Father, I’ve locked her up well, she can’t flee.”

“Good!” Drake nodded in acknowledgment.

Abbess Mother Serendipity stood up and maintained a smile, “Mister Darby, it’s getting late, I should take my leave. We will lure Darryl Darby here tomorrow at night because I have to attend the Lion Slaughtering Conference in the daytime.”

It would be an important conference and she could not miss it.

Drake smiled and nodded, “The plan is all yours, the Darby family will provide full support to every decision of yours.”

The skies were exceptionally breathtaking that night with the moon and the vast stars.

However, Queenie was terror-stricken in the Darby Private Room! She was terrified the moment she opened her eyes when she finally regained her consciousness.

She was dumbfounded when she realized that she was in a private room with stone walls! She tried to move subconsciously before realizing that she could not move an inch because she was *******. She was frightened.

‘Where am I?…’

Then, a series of light footsteps came from the door.

The footsteps were exceptionally loud in the Darby Mansion’s d**d silence in the middle of the night.

Creak. The door was pushed open slowly.

Queenie panicked and looked over as a young man in sports apparel walked into the room slowly with a grim expression.

It was Jackson Tim!

Queenie mustered up her courage and asked although she was terrified, “Who…who are you people? Why are you keeping me hostage?”

Jackson looked at her silently and asked straight to the point, “Who is Darryl Darby to you?”

Abbess Mother Serendipity mentioned that the girl was Darryl’s sister.

Jackson knew that Darryl never had a sister.

Queenie found her courage when he mentioned Darryl’s name and said with pride, “He is my sister’ s husband!”


Jackson’s expression changed into a sinister smile because of her reply.

Queenie was pleased to see his change of expression. She said, “What? Are you scared now? Let me go or Darryl’s going to beat you up. Do you not know how strong he is?”

“Let you go?”

Jackson’s expression was turning sour, “Are you proud of Darryl being your sister’s husband? Here’s what I think, he’s a monster! No, he’s worse than a monster!”

He always treated Darryl like his own brother but he raped his wife instead! He was inhumane!

Queenie’s face flushed with anxiety and shouted in defense of Darryl, “I’m not allowing you to talk about him like that! He’s a good person, you are the bad ones!”


Jackson walked over swiftly and gave Queenie a hard slap!

Queenie shrieked, the marks on her cheek were clearly visible. She felt extremely wronged from the burning pain.

Jackson glared at her intensely and scoffed, “Good person? He doesn’t even deserve to be human! You have no idea how that monster ruined my life! He made me feel inferior to the Darby family, he destroyed everything!”

He was almost roaring like a beast, “He raped my wife on the first night of my wedding, he also angered his own grandfather to his d***h! He is a monster! A monster!”


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