The ultimate husband Chapter 403

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 403 – Yumi Griff stood up and spoke in a soft voice, “Abbess, Darryl Darby’s all yours when he comes for his sister tomorrow. You are righteous and respectable, you are indeed the hero of the generation!”

“Of course! Our Master is the pillar of support of Emei sect, she’s one of the most outstanding ones in the Six Sects.” Jean took a step forward and said with pride.

She was favored by Abbess Mother Serendipity as her youngest disciple because of her wits.

The crowd was distracted when Yumi silently took out her phone when the crowd was distracted and sent a text to Florian. It was a short and straightforward text. (Hurry back, don’t have any funny ideas! It will not end well if you’re not here in three minutes.]

It had been five minutes since Florian went to lock Queenie up. He must be having filthy ideas for her for volunteering to lock her up since he was a lazy person!

Yumi understood her man a little too well. ’Why did I get married to this good-for-nothing?’

Florian tied Queenie up tight in the Darby Private Room.

It was a restricted room since it was where Old Master Darby cultivated in seclusion. The room had been left unused since his passing.

Florian was excited as he stared at Queenie from top to toe with a grin. The more he looked at her, the more thrilled he felt! ‘Haha, I can’t believe that Darryl has such a pretty sister. Wait, she’s Darryl’s wife’s sister, right? She is technically the sister of my sister-in-law.’

Florian gulped. ‘This pretty lady is passed out, what a g*d-sent! Everyone is in the hall and no one will come to the private room, I can’t miss out on such a good opportunity…’

He rubbed his hands in anticipation and reached for Queenie’s shirt.


His phone in his pocket vibrated at that moment. ’Who the f*ck sent me a text?’

Florian was furious with the interruption and he checked his phone to see the text from his wife.


Florian sighed in frustration and forfeited his plan because of his wife’s warning.

He was afraid of getting henpecked.

“It seems like I will not have the opportunity to have fun with this pretty lady tonight.”

Florian muttered to himself as he tied Queenie to a pillar before proceeding to leave reluctantly.

He was just about to walk out of the private room when another phone vibration sounded, it was Queenie’s phone this time.

Florian walked to her hurriedly to check her phone and he was stunned.

It was displaying a text from her cousin.

Lily sent a short text to her, “Queenie, where are you?”

Florian furrowed his brow together and racked his brains when he saw the text. He remembered that Abbess Mother Serendipity said that they would spread the news of the kidnapping the next day to lure Darryl and it was not the time yet. Therefore, Florian decided to secure Lily first.

He thought as he replied to the text by imitating.

Queenie’s tone, “I’m not going back later. I met a friend and I will stay at her place tonight.”

At the same time, Lily held her phone with an exasperated expression on her face near the entrance of the Night view Bar.

Queenie had been missing after she came back from the washroom. ‘She can just get crazy while having fun and not caring about anything else, how annoying.’

Then, she received the reply from Queenie’s number and heaved a sigh a relief. ’She must be fine since she can still reply to my text.’

’What a troublesome girl, she could’ve waited for me to come back from the washroom first before leaving with her friend!’

Florian slipped Queenie’s phone back into her pocket and left the private room hurriedly as time was ticking. He was certain that he would get a scolding from his wife because he took quite some time.

Abbess Mother Serendipity was almost done with the discussion about the details of their plan to catch Darryl on the next day when Florian returned to the hall.


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