The ultimate husband Chapter 401

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 401 – Jean maintained her silence as she had snuck in. Her master made the rules clear that Emei sect disciples were not allowed to go to entertainment centers like bars or KTV centers.

“Master, I…I didn’t enter, I am at the bar’s entrance.” lied Jean.

Abbess Mother Serendipity nodded, “That’s acceptable. Remember, as one of the orthodox sects, we can never step into places like this. I’ll be there soon.”

“Understood, Master!”

Jean heaved a sigh of relief after hanging up and trotted into the bar.

Lily and Queenie already had quite a few drinks. Lily then went to the washroom when it was 1z.oo am.

Queenie scrolled through her phone while she was waiting for Lily when a woman with a curvy figure entered the bar with a whisk in her hand. There was unreadable tranquility on her beautiful face, her steps were light as a feather and she looked like she was a floating divine figure.

It was Abbess Mother Serendipity.

Total silence.

The entire bar became silent as soon as she made an appearance.

Her aura was so overwhelming that even the DJ stopped blasting the music.

Everyone fixed their gazes on Abbess Mother Serendipity.


A burst of laughter erupted and broke the silence a few moments later when a few thugs held their stomachs with laughter in a distance.

“Haha, what the f*ck! Even abbesses go to bars now? The world is indeed changing! Hahaha!” Their laughter was painful to hear.

Abbess Mother Serendipity was wearing a long dress instead of her Taoist robe and she let her hair down. The only unusual thing about her was her whisk which gave away her identity as an abbess.

“Yoel, the world has indeed changed, what an exotic abbess! Hahaha!” Another  thug clamored along.

Abbess Mother Serendipity did not say a word. However, Yoel Fisher had a d***h wish. He

approached Mother Abbess Serendipity with the other thug with a grin and teased her, “Abbess, are you willing to spend the night with me? I feel like I’ ve known you for a long time, I’m willing to…”


Abbess Mother Serendipity raised her arm and gave two seemingly elegant smacks!

Yoel and the other thug flew through the air like cannonballs!

“Ah!” The two shrieked as they flew more than zo meters away before landing hard. They piiked blood and shut their eyes tightly in pain!


Everyone was dumbfounded and stared at Abbess Mother Serendipity without blinking. No one said a thing, even the music stopped abruptly!

Abbess Mother Serendipity raised the corners of her lips and asked unhurriedly, “Jean, where are they?”

Jean who was standing behind Abbess Mother Serendipity took a step forward and pointed to Queenie. “Master, she said that Darryl is her sister’s husband.”

Abbess Mother Serendipity nodded and approached Queenie. She stared at her silently for a while before speaking in a neutral tone, “You, follow me.”

Queenie was stunned and her hands were trembling because of Abbess Mother Serendipity’s overbearing presence. There was something unique about her.

‘Darryl is really something, even an elite like her knows him…”

Queenie asked with a grin, “Abbess, are you friends with Darryl?”

’Friends?’ Abbess Mother Serendipity’s beautiful face turned grim instantly.

‘How can a sc*mbag like him be a friend of mine?’

She asked her back in a cold tone, “Is Darryl your sister’s husband?

Queenie nodded innocently, “Yeah, he is. He treats me well.”

“Very well, very well then.” Abbess Mother Serendipity nodded.


Abbess Mother Serendipity slapped Queenie and she passed out!

“Jean, take her.”


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