The ultimate husband Chapter 399

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 399 – Lily shook her head, she stared at Queenie and said, “If you’re going to spew more nonsense, I’m gonna go home!”

That did not scare Queenie at all, she laughed and said, “Sure, since I won’t be there you two love birds could be together!”

“You…” Lily was furious, but she could do nothing. To tell the truth, what happened just now was extremely embarrassing for her. She did not know how to face Darryl alone.

Queenie giggled, she said, “Fine I’ll stop. Anyway, since we’re out, let’s have some fun!”

“Where do you plan to go?” Lily asked.

Queenie thought for a while, she said excitedly, “I know a newly-opened bar, called the Night view bar, it has a great atmosphere, let’s go!”

What? A bar?

Lily shook her head. “I do not want to go to those places.” She does not like bars, and after the incident with Evelyn Featherstone, she was even more against it.

Queenie hugged Lily’s arm and pleaded, “Let’s go! We won’t drink, we’ll sit down and listen to music, accompany me please?”

Lily could not resist her pleas, so she agreed.

Nightview bar, a favorite among the young people.

It was rumored that if you were not ugly, you could definitely find someone to spend the night with.

Lily held Queenie’s hand when they entered the bar. The music was deafening, people were dancing on the dance floor, gyrating their bodies to the music.

They found their seats and ordered two cups of vine.

Lily pursed her lip. She said, “Queenie, what you did just now, asking Darryl to come in—that was wrong, do you understand me?”

Queenie pouted, she replied, “Yes, fine.”

Lily continued, she said, “Also, you kissing him on the cheeks was inappropriate! You’re almost twenty, not a child anymore.” Lily was indeed jealous when Queenie kissed Darryl on the cheeks.

Suddenly a fashionably dressed young man approached them with a smile. He sized both of them up and laughed. “Girls, interested in a drink?”

Lily shook her head. She knew if she were to be in a bar, someone would hit on her.

Queenie did not look at the man, she just said, “Not interested.”

He did not get mad at Queenie’s rejection, yet he continued, “Hi, my name is Yoel Fisher, I saw that you pretty girls looked unfamiliar, it must be your first time here in Night view? I mean no harm, I just wanna be friends.”

Yoel was a thug, a regular at Night view. He was pretty good looking, hence he could get a lot of pretty girls.

Queenie looked at him and said calmly, “We’re really not interested, please leave us alone, we want to chat in private.”

Yoel’s face darkened. He was slightly drunk, he said, “Hey pretty girls, can’t you just go along with me?”

These two ladies were gorgeous, with great bodies, he did not want to miss his chance.


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