The ultimate husband Chapter 398

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 398 – The most beautiful thing of all was both of them were wearing nothing!

Darryl’s mind blanked out. He ogled at them.

After a short silence, Lily reacted, she screamed and scrambled for a towel to cover herself. She said, “ Get…get out!”

Queenie suddenly came to her senses as well. She noticed Darryl’s eyes on her and Lily, she trembled. She was so busy teasing Lily she forgot she was not wearing clothes too!

She blushed and screamed louder than Lily. Darryl saw her naked! She was extremely embarrassed.

“Do…do continue,” Darryl said. He did not know whether he should cry or laugh. He turned around and left, but slammed into the glass door.

He held his head and hobbled to the sofa, he would not calm down for a long time after seeing what he just did.

After half an hour, the bathroom door opened. Lily and Queenie walked out. They were in their pajamas, faces still blushed from the incident just now.

Seeing Darryl outside, they were both extremely awkward. They sat on the sofa, not knowing what to say to each other.

Queenie blurted, “Lily, let’s get out of the house for a while.”

Lily bit her lip and nodded. Even though it was already quite late, having some air would be good for them. It was too awkward and embarrassing just now.

“Darryl, we’ll head out for a while,” Queenie blurted and escaped the living room area. Lily’s face was still flushed. She followed suit.

“Be careful,” Darryl called out.

Donghai City’s night scene was bustling with young people. There was traffic everywhere and the bars and pubs were filled to the brim.

Outside, with the cool air, Lily began to calm down. She looked at Queenie and said, “It was your fault!”

Luckily Samantha was not at home, if not it would have been a huge mistake. Queenie defended herself, “It was nothing much! Letting your husband see you is totally normal! You should’ve seen Darryl’s expression—he must’ve thought many times of having babies with you!”

Lily blushed and said, “Don’t talk nonsense!”


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