The ultimate husband Chapter 397

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 397 – Hearing Queenie and Lily play in the bathroom was a struggle for Darryl. He could not help but think back to the last time he was at Megan’s house after the robbery—her shower was covered with frosted glass as well. It was a similar experience, except now there were two ladies instead of one.

In the bathroom, Queenie was playing with bubbles, she laughed at Lily, “It’s been so long, have you two not shared the bed?”

Previously, Lily looked down on Darryl a lot. Now that their relationship was quite good, Queenie could openly joke about it.

Lily blushed. She bit her lip and said softly, “Quickly finish up your shower! Why did you have to bring him up?”

Lily’s heart beat faster. To be honest, her relationship with Darryl was getting better. She had thought about sharing the bed every night. Though she was looking forward to it, she was also quite anxious about it—she was just not mentally prepared yet.

Seeing her blush, Queenie laughed and said, “Lily, are you embarrassed? You’re blushing!”

Then she said mysteriously, “Are you shy? Why not let me help you two?”

Lily was embarrassed, she asked softly, “How are you going to help?”

Queenie smiled cheekily, she said, “If I call for help, Darryl will surely rush in, heh!”

What? Lily blushed even further. She laughed and scolded, “What are you thinking? Don’t joke around!”

Here she thought that Queenie would really have a good idea.

Looking at Lily blush, Queenie got even more excited, “Lily, you’re blushing again. I’m sure you thought of this as well? I want to get to play with your babies. You two have to work harder! Hehe!”

Queenie put both her hands by her side, she said, “ Lily, I’m going to yell, get ready.”

Before Lily could stop her, she yelled, “Help! Darryl come quick!”

’F*ck, what’s happening?’ thought Darryl. He rushed and opened the bathroom door.

He was completely stunned—he saw Queenie laughing teasingly at Lily, and Lily was part embarrassed.


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