The ultimate husband Chapter 396

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 396 – She was almost twenty, yet she still acts like a child.

Darryl laughed, he said, “Yeah, and you’re a lady now. Let Lily accompany you.”

His heart was beating fast, he thought, ‘This girl has no filter, she really can say anything.’

Queenie was indifferent, she said, “It doesn’t matter anyway, Darryl is family.”

Darryl almost spat out the water he was drinking upon hearing that.


His phone suddenly started ringing. It was already almost ten at night, who would call so late?

He looked at his phone and saw it was from Katherine Keith.

Darryl smiled. He had not given her the Resumption pill for a few days now. She must be anxious.

The moment he answered Katherine said, “Darryl, didn’t you mention that you want to meet the school principal? Your chance is here! Next Monday, the six orthodox sects will hold a Lion Slaughtering Conference. Not only will the school principal be there, but a few high-rank members of the six sects will be there as well! You could see him then!”

Darryl was delighted. As long as he could meet the principal, he coald steal manuals!

He thought for a while, then asked, “Miss Katherine, what is a Lion Slaughtering Conference?” He has not heard about this meeting before at Hexad.

Katherine said seriously, “Darryl, I’m sure you have heard of the Eternal Life Palace sect, one of the two main cults. They have been up to no good all the while. We finally caught one of the Guardian Kings—The Golden Lion, Zion Featherstone! So the Lion Slaughtering Conference will be a public e*******n event for Zion.”

The Golden Lion? Zion Featherstone? He should be Evelyn’s grandfather!

Katherine suddenly turned gentle, she said, “ Darryl, I’ve been good these few days, could you give me the remaining Resumption pills?”

Since the day Darryl extracted the Resumption pill, he promised to give her one per day, but up till now, he only gave her two. Five days had passed and she was still stuck at Level Four Master.

Sensing her anxiety, Darryl laughed. “Don’t worry, Miss Katherine, I’ll give you all the pills next Monday at school.”

Katherine was overjoyed, she said, “Thank you, Darryl! I promise I’ll be good to you in school…” Katherine blushed, then she hung up.

When he finished the phone call, Lily and Queenie had also just finished trying out the new clothes they bought.

Lily was slightly sleepy when they were done, she said, “I’m going to take a shower and head to bed.”

When she walked to the bathroom, Queenie hugged her arm and said, “Lily, let’s shower together!”

Lily was stunned, she blushed. She said, “You’re not a child anymore, why do you still want to shower with me? I’ll go first, ok?”

She patted Queenie on the head.

Queenie did not let go of Lily, she pleaded, “Why not! I want to shower with you!”

Then she added, “I’m not a guy, Lily, are you afraid I would do things to you?” Queenie looked at Lily innocently.

Lily could do nothing but nod.

Queenie cheered, “Yay! Let’s go shower!” She then turned to Darryl and stuck her tongue out. She said cheekily, “Are you envious?”

F*ck. Darryl was speechless. Of course, he was envious. He was so envious he could d*e.

Since marrying Lily, they did nothing, except for holding hands, at most, it was a kiss during the last Mid-Autumn Festival.

To be able to shower together was a dream. Lily’s face flushed, she urged, “Let’s go!”

The bathroom was an open concept with frosted glass. Darryl tried to shift his focus away from the two ladies’ silhouette in the bathroom by playing with his phone, yet he could not sit still.


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