The ultimate husband Chapter 395

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 395 – Darryl snickered, “You’re sorry? You did not want to give her your autograph wasn’t it?”

Vivian quickly replied, “We’ll sign it immediately.”

She turned around and got a sharpie from one of the staff. However, Darryl waved in dismissal, he said, “It’s too late.”

Vivian was stunned. She quivered with fear.

Darryl continued flatly, he pointed to the stage and said, “I want the three of you, to sign on the stage floor. It has to fill the entire stage and I’ll come to check on it tomorrow. If not, I leave it to you to think of the consequences.”

What? The entire stage?

Vivian looked reluctant. The stage was almost as huge as a basketball court. How long would it take them to finish it?

“What? You’re not willing to?” Darryl smiled sarcastically.

“No! No! We’ll do it.” Vivian and the others each took a sharpie and started signing on the stage floor.

The entire crowd was silent. Those that jeered previously could not utter a single word.

Darryl smiled, turned, and left. Lily and Queenie soon followed after.

“Darryl, you’re amazing!” Queenie was extremely delighted! Her eyes were filled with admiration for Darryl.

Darryl smiled and looked at Queenie lovingly. “Why were they afraid of you?” Queenie asked.

Darryl was always the **** of the joke, how did he become so impressive suddenly?

Darryl jokingly said, “Maybe they thought I was good looking? They felt that they should treat good-looking people better, so they apologized!”

“What nonsense!” Queenie pouted. She added, “But I do feel safe around you!”

Darryl was overjoyed, he patted her and said, “I hope your future husband will make you feel safe as well. Don’t worry, in Donghai City, as long as I’m here, no one can bully you.”

Then he added, “On one condition, that it has to be valid and logical.”

Queenie was elated, she pecked Darryl on the cheek. Darryl felt warmth on his face. This girl is too open!

He was her cousin’s husband!

Lily said awkwardly, “Queenie, he’s my husband, how could you…”

It was out in public as well!

Queenie did not care, she giggled and said, “Lily, you’re blushing, don’t tell me you’re jealous!”

“You!” Lily blushed even more. She was part embarrassed, part helpless. After a while, Lily asked Darryl, “Hubby, did you call Dax? That’s how you got ETM to apologize?”

She was slightly confused. Dax was powerful in Donghai City, but ETM were extremely famous stars. How did he have a hold in the entertainment industry as well?

Darryl laughed, he replied casually, “You’re right. I called Dax, he has a good relationship with the president of an entertainment company.”

He planned to keep his identity a secret until Rebecca Song’s baby was born and he could clear his name, then only he would let Lily know that he was the president of Platinum Corporation.

Lily bit her lip, she said, “Hubby, in the future, don’ t bother Do Though you two are close, you should not constantly ask for his help…”

Darryl nodded, he said, “Yes, sure. I’ll listen to my wife!”

At night, when they reached home, Queenie was still excited. She bought a lot today, and even had the contact of her idol! Today was her lucky day!

She pulled Lily to the bedroom and said, “Lily, help me take a look at the clothes I’ve bought today! I want to try them on!”

Then she turned to Darryl and asked, “Do you want to help me try them on as well!”

Lily blushed, she interrupted, “Don’t be silly! Darryl ‘s a guy! How could he watch you change!”


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