The ultimate husband Chapter 393

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 393 – “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely get you the autographs.” Darryl waved in dismissal.

Vivian roared in laughter, she said, “Wow, you can boast! Since you want the autograph so much if you bow to me, I’ll sign it for your sister.”

How are they so rude?

Darryl’s face darkened. He took his phone out and dialed.

In three seconds the call was picked up. “President, can I help you with anything?” Pearl was on the other end.

Darryl took a deep breath, he asked, “ETM is performing in Donghai City, which company are they under?”

Sensing his tone, Pearl got a little nervous. She said softly, “President, ETM recently made a film called The Three Golden Flowers. They were here to promote this movie. However, we’ve invested in half of the shares in this movie, so their performance here was arranged by us.”

ETM was by the Platinum Corporation?

Darryl snickered, “Those three refused to sign an autograph for Lily’s cousin. So I do not want to see the three of them anymore. You know what to do right? Also, stop their performance. Now.” He hung

The crowd exploded in laughter.

“Yo live-in son-in-law, who did you call? Do you want to stop their performance? Who do you think you are?”

Vivian Clark and the rest of ETM laughed too. Is this person mad?

Lily blushed. She guessed that Darryl called Dax

Sanders. After all, he only knew one powerful person in the entire Donghai City.

Though Dax was powerful, he had no clout in the entertainment industry!

Lily stomped her foot in panic, she pulled Darryl and said, “Hubby, let’s go! We don’t need the autograph anymore. Dax Sanders is not almighty, it was pointless calling him for help.”

Suddenly, the stage lights were switched off. The mics on Vivian and the ETM were turned off as well.

What? What was happening?

The crowd was bewildered and confused. Vivian trembled, looking at Darryl, she could not utter a single word.

Could this be a coincidence?

Then, her phone rang. She fished it out and saw that it was from her boss.

Her boss was nicknamed Lame Lee. He used to be in a crime syndicate. After he lost a leg, he turned to the entertainment industry where he set up an entertainment company.

“President Lee…” Vivian picked the phone up and she complained, “President Lee, I was just about to call you. We’re performing at Donghai City, but halfway through there was no electricity. What rotten place is this?”

“You f*cking shut up! ” Lame Lee yelled.

Vivian shuddered in fear. ETM was the company’s most famous group. President Lee always looked after them. Why did he flare up today?

“Do you know who have you offended?” Lame Lee

“The Three Golden Flowers, Platinum Corporation owns half of the shares. They called to say they are not investing in it anymore! Plus they will use all their power to stop your careers! B****y h**l, do you know who you’ve offended?!” He scolded.

F*ck, he spent billions on them. They almost had a film done, when Pearl called him all of a sudden to say that they are canceling all prior arrangements with them.


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