The ultimate husband Chapter 391

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 391 – A huge stage was set up in the middle of the mall. Three scantily clad ladies were performing on stage, they were ETM.

Around the stage, barriers were set up to prevent the fans from rushing through. The fans were screaming passionately.

This performance was almost like a full-sized concert. Darryl was nonchalant toward celebrities ever since he became the president of the Platinum Corporation. Celebrities were also human, there was nothing special about them.

Just then, Queenie and Lily managed to squeeze through to the front of the stage.

“ETM!” Queenie screamed excitedly, she waved her hands. The three members were performing on stage, they did not bother to acknowledge Queenie.

This group was famous. They were long numb  to the cries and cheers of the fans.

Suddenly, Lily and Queenie were shoved to the front and they ended up breaking the barrier.

A man in a suit walked over with two bodyguards, e yelled, “What are you doing? Didn’t you see the barrier? Don’t you have any manners? Back off!”

Due to the loud noise, Queenie did not hear the man’ s threats. The man was furious, he shoved Queenie back and yelled, “Are you deaf? I asked you to back off!”

Queenie almost fell to the floor. Luckily Lily caught her on time.

“Why did you have to do that?” Lily said angrily.

“I pushed you lightly. Don’t you know that you can’ t cross the barrier?” the man yelled. “You two are pretty yet how do you not have any manners?”

Lily was about to rebut when ETM finished their performance. It was the intermission, they walked down to head backstage to rest.

Seeing them coming toward them, Queenie took out a piece of paper and smiled at them. She said, “ ETM, I love you all! Could you sign this for me?”

Queenie was hopeful, she was a huge fan of ETM, she was sure they would not reject such a small request.

More fans behind Queenie came to have a look as well. If ETM agreed to an autograph, they would want one too.

The leader of ETM, Vivian Clark, smiled lightly, she said, “I’m sorry, we can’t autograph this for you.” Queenie was upset.

Vivian continued, “We came to Donghai City to promote, this is not a meet and greet session, so I’ m sorry. We need to go backstage to change for the second half of the concert, so please move and don’ t block our way.”

Lily was equally disappointed, she said, “Queenie, it’ s fine, let’s go.”

Queenie’s eyes were red, she was almost in tears. She really liked ETM, they were her idols, yet they were so rude to her.”

Darryl approached Queenie and said, “Don’t cry, I’ll get the autographs for you!”


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