The ultimate husband Chapter 390

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 390 – ‘NO!’ Darryl screamed internally as his face collapsed. This girl was his kryptonite. ‘Why is she here?!’

This girl was Queenie Garfield, a distant cousin of Lily. She visited her every year.

Queenie was a cute and extremely kind girl. She never once looked down on Darryl and was polite towards him.

’Queenie Garfield.’ Those two words were a huge trigger for Darryl. She was his nightmare. Whenever Queenie visited, she demanded that Darryl made her whatever she wished to eat. If not, she would throw a tantrum.

Darryl could not do anything about it.

Furthermore, this cousin of hers was quite naughty. There were a few times where she put the blame on Darryl for things that she broke. Darryl was helpless.

“Queenie, why are you here?” Lily was surprised yet delighted. She walked toward Queenie with a huge smile.

“Lily, Darryl, you guys are back!” Queenie jumped rom the sofa and hugged Lily. “Lily, you’ve gotten even more beautiful,” she complimented.

She hugged Lily’s waist and commented, “Your figure is getting sexier too.”

In Queenie’s eyes, Lily was like a sister to her. They could joke around with each other.

Lily blushed, “Girl, you’re in university. Please act your age!”

Lily was overjoyed. She missed her, having not seen her in almost half a year. It was a pleasant surprise that she turned up at their house.

Queenie glanced at Darryl and chuckled, “I haven’t seen you for half a year. You’ve gotten even more handsome too!”

“You too, as sweet as ever!” he smiled.

Darryl felt slightly dejected. He thought that he could use these few days to get to know Lily better, that they might even spend the night together. Now that Queenie was here, she would definitely want to sleep with Lily in the same bed.

Lily looked at Queenie lovingly and asked, “Aren’t you supposed to be in school? Why are you here?”

Queenie cocked her head as she replied, “My subjects are slightly special. When others have to study, we’ll have breaks instead.”

Lily nodded, not wanting to pry further. They changed the topic. Girls would either talk about celebrities or makeup.

The living area was filled with their chipper voices. Darryl did not interrupt, sitting beside them as he observed the conversation between them.

Queenie laughed and said to Darryl, “Come shopping with us!”

Darryl sighed, then he nodded. Queenie loved shopping. Whenever they went shopping, they would spend at least half a day walking around. Darryl’s head hurt at the thought of it. However, he had no other choice. After all, Queenie was Lily’s favorite younger cousin.

“Yay! Let’s go!” Queenie jumped from the sofa and cheered.

Ten minutes later, they were at the Red Flag pedestrian walkway. It was one of Donghai City’s busiest streets. When they reached, there was still a crowd. Queenie was over the moon when they arrived. She would stop at each shop for a long time. She did not forget about the small stalls too.

“Candy! I’ve not had them in such a long time!” “Buy it.”

“This shop has the newest bags!” “Get it.”

When they entered the mall, Queenie’s eyes sparkled. There was a massive sign at the entrance. “What? ETM is here? You’ve got to be kidding me!” Queenie held her cheeks in surprise.

ETM was a girl group that was all the rage recently. Queenie adored them. Who knew that she would be able to see them in person today?

Darryl chuckled at Queenie for being so excited. There was a crowd in the mall and loud music was playing too. It seemed like the group was currently performing.

Lily exclaimed, “I like ETM too! They have good songs!”

Queenie pulled Lily’s hand and said, “You like them too? Let’s go! We might be able to get an autograph!”

“Let’s go!” Lily nodded. She was equally ecstatic.

Darryl, however, was speechless. Why did girls like these celebrities? He could not do anything but follow them into the crowd as well.


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