The ultimate husband Chapter 389

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 389 – Katherine stared at the make-shift elixir cauldron while massaging Darryl.

All she needed was the pill to be ready, then she would gain back her ranks! Before that, she must make him as happy as possible.

Darryl smiled. He could ogle at such a gorgeous woman while he concocted the elixir—he was elated.

Suddenly, he asked casually, “Miss Katherine, let me ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“Where is the principal’s office? I’ve been at Hexad’ s for quite some time now, but I’ve not seen it.”

Darryl still had his mission to steal the manuals, and a few of them were with the principal. He had checked the school’s office many times, yet he could not locate it.

“We don’t have a principal’s office,” Katherine chuckled.

What? The principal’s office did not exist? Darryl was stunned.

Katherine nodded. “Graham Potter might be the principal, but he rarely appears in school He’s a simple man, so he decided not to have an office.”

Darryl was bewildered. Was there really no principal’ s office? How was he going to steal the manuals?

Katherine pried further. “Darryl, why are you asking about the principal’s office all of a sudden?”

“I’m intrigued by the principal. I’ve heard of him even before I enrolled in Hexad’s. I know he was one of the Wudang sect Elders. He is a famous and powerful person,” Darryl lied, feigning a look of adoration. “From that moment onwards, he became my idol. I look up to him a lot.”

Katherine nodded. “Yes, Graham is indeed powerful. He was one of the Wudang sect’s strongest Elders. Apparently, two years ago, he reached the Level Five Martial Marquis rank. He would soon breakthrough to become a Martial Saint!”

What? Level Five Martial Marquis? He was as powerful as Abbess Mother Serendipity!

Darryl could not help but s*****w hard. He was such a powerful man. If Darryl ever met him, he would not be able to pull any tricks on him.


Suddenly, the porcelain pot exploded. The Elixir’s scent wafted through the air as six Resumption pills fell into Darryl’s hands.

Katherine looked at the six pills in disbelief, trembling with excitement.

“Miss Katherine, this pill is for you.” Darryl smiled. He gave her one pill and said, “This pill can help you level up two ranks.”

Katherine swallowed the pill without any hesitation. Suddenly, she shuddered as she felt her powers return. She was now a Level Two Master!

It worked! Katherine was delighted.

“Darryl, let me have the other five pills,” she pleaded.

Darryl laughed but did not hand her the pills. He kept them instead.

“Darryl… What are you doing?” She stomped her feet, feeling panicked.

Darryl replied calmly, “Miss Katherine, what’s the hurry? You could only take one pill per day. It won’t work even if you had more than one. You need at least it 24 hours before you could take the next pill. Even if I gave them to you now, it would be pointless!”

Darryl smirked. “I understand how you feel,” he reassured. “Don’t worry, it’ll be with me for safekeeping.”

What? Only one per day? That meant Katherine would have to wait six days for her powers to be restored. She would have to listen to Darryl for a few days.

Katherine bit her lip so hard, it almost bled.

“Ouch, my shoulders are sore. Don’t stop,” Darryl complained. He sat down on the couch.

Katherine walked over and massaged his shoulders.

When school ended, Darryl left Katherine’s office. He found out Lily was waiting for him at the entrance. When she saw him, she gave him a huge hug. After all, her husband ran fifty laps around the field because of her.

When they reached home, Lily prepared dinner and watched TV together with Darryl.

After the incident with Xavier King, Darryl clearly felt a change in Lily’s attitude towards him. She was more gentle and slightly more dependent on him.

The next few days were the happiest throughout their three years of marriage.

However, nothing good lasted forever.

One day, when Darryl and Lily came home, they were stimmed.

A girl—roughly eighteen or nineteen years old— was sitting on the sofa. She looked adorable and pretty. She had a lollipop in her mouth while she watched TV.


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