The ultimate husband Chapter 1156

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1156 – Sh*t! Darryl’s head was spinning. Princess Evergreen smiled and asked curiously, “Dear brother, what’s your name?”

“Why do you need to know? Oh yes, I have a question for you!” Darryl replied impatiently.

“Sure, what is it?” Princess Evergreen nodded her head without thinking. She felt a different kind of joy with Darryl. She obeyed him completely now.

“There is someone named Quincy in the palace. Who is she?” Darryl asked slowly.

As he said that, Darryl looked closely at Princess Evergreen’s reaction.

“Quincy?” Princess Evergreen asked. “She’s my auntie.”

What? Quincy was Princess Evergreen’s auntie?’ Darryl thought.

Darryl finally realized. If he guessed correctly, the princess was the Emperor’s daughter, while Quincy was the Emperor’s younger sister.

and said, “Dear brother, my auntie is really powerful.

Hearing that, Darryl laughed.

people she doesn’t like.

he thought, Darryl continued to ask,

most of the time, so I seldom meet her. However, if you

excited. ‘Quincy, Quincy. You stole my dragon essence, thinking I couldn’t do anything about it after you returned to the South Cloud World

Quincy’s bedroom. You just need


on her face. “However, if I were to help you, you must also promise me one thing. You must come to play with me every day in

not foolish. She knew he was up to

World Palace, Quincy’s position was a unique one. She had a lot of authority, and so many people tried to impress her. As such, Princess Evergreen thought Darryl was one of these people trying to

Darryl was just a ******. She never imagined he

at Princess Evergreen and

Quincy’s bedroom and get the Dragon Essence, I’ll leave immediately. How will I have the time to play with this strange princess every

However, at that moment, he still needed to agree.

Once Darryl agreed, Princess Evergreen became thrilled and shared the location of Quincy’s bedroom.

After that, Princess Evergreen held onto Darryl’s arm, swinging it and begging, “Dear brother, let’s continue to play. I still have not had enough.”

As she said that, Princess Evergreen’s face was full of desperation.

To be honest, Darryl wanted to reject her, but seeing her excited face; he nodded, “What do you want to play?”

Darryl was feeling desperate after receiving the location of Quincy’s bedroom.

However, for the time being, he needed to take care of Princess Evergreen first.

The Princess smiled, pressing her body into Darryl’s, and started to rub on Darryl’s shoulder, obediently like a kitten. “Dear brother, you are the master. You will decide how to play me!”

“Fine, fine.” Darryl stood up from his seat.


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