The ultimate husband Chapter 1155

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1155 – Darryl’s eyes were red. He could not stand the humiliation earlier.

“How dare you hit me? I’ll cut your head off!” Princess Evergreen shouted furiously as she struggled.

However, Darryl’s power was Martial Emperor level. Princess Evergreen’s struggle was futile.

When he heard her words, Darryl got angrier, “Don’t you like to torture people? Let me do it to you!”

As Darryl shouted, he hit her a few more times. Without wasting any time, he threw the leather belt on the ground and pointed at Princess Evergreen as he said, “Stop torturing others in the future. How horribly had you tortured the eunuchs!”

He kicked her and turned to leave, ignoring Princess Evergreen.

In that instant, Princess Evergreen unexpectedly held Darryl’s leg. Resting her head on his leg, she said softly, “What are you doing? You want to leave after hitting me? Please hit me a few more times.”

‘What? She was addicted to being hit! Was she alright?’ he thought, stunned.

He stared blankly at Princess Evergreen. There was not a signal bit of anger on her face. In fact, she looked at Darryl full of expectation and said, “Now I know the feeling of being beaten by others. Little ******, please hit me a few more times, please…”

of request was that?’

The princess was worried and said, “Why did you

blushing. Her cheeks were covered with a small layer of sweat, and

was wrong with

Emperor loved her very much. Due to her sadistic character, she would always hit and scold her servants as

must have felt something different. She

said softly,

without a single hint of arrogance in

was stunned, and he

was about to turn and leave. He did not have time to spend with her. The most important thing was

“Dear brother!”

waiting for Darryl to turn around, Princess Evergreen suddenly hugged Darryl’s leg, She appeared obedient and continued to beg, “Dear brother, please don’t leave. Please play

she spoke, Darryl heard the sound of footsteps coming from the garden outside. He looked through the gap

seemed like he could not leave the place yet. He then looked at Princess Evergreen, “Fine. I’ll play with you. You wanted me to be your

‘Since you want to play, I’ll go all out! You humiliated me just now, so I shall let you get a taste of your own medicine!’ he thought.

“Great!” Princess Evergreen smiled, not hesitating to kneel on the ground.

Darryl went on and sat on her without hesitation too as he scolded, “Run quickly!”

“Yes, Master!”

As she heard Darryl’s words, Princess Evergreen was not angry at all. She smiled and started crawling. After crawling for a few rounds, she began to slow down and started sweating profusely.

Darryl sighed deeply and looked at her as he smiled, “Your highness, was that fun?”‘

“That was fun!” Princess Evergreen replied, smiling.

She then walked over and kneeled in front of Darryl as she begged, “Dear brother, you’re the first person ever to hit me. You’re so brave. The next time we’re alone together, you are my master, and I will be your servant. What do you think?”

As she said that, Princess Evergreen stretched her gentle hands and started rubbing Darryl’s leg.


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