The ultimate husband Chapter 1153

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1153 – “Hey, you little ******, you’re not going to write a poem to compliment me?” Princess Evergreen lifted her gentle hand and hit the leather belt hard on Darryl’s body as she spoke.


The crystal-clear sound of the belt was heard, and a blood-red mark instantly appeared on Darryl’s shoulder.

He could not help but take a cold, deep breath. He felt enraged.

‘I was just passing by. When did I offend her?’

At that moment, Darryl’s anger was about to explode, but he tried to hold back.

‘I haven’t found Quincy yet and still haven’t gotten back the dragon essence. If I retaliate against the Princess, it will definitely attract the guards. At the same time, my plan to search the palace will also be in vain,’ he thought.

At that moment, she noticed Darryl’s gaze. Princess Evergreen’s expression turned cold before she scolded Darryl, ” How dare you stare at me!”

again. Noticing this action, Darryl tried his

right, Princess, to teach me a lesson.

changed his mind and added immediately, “That’s right, I have another important task to do. I shall not disturb the Princess’s mood, so I will leave

was about to leave. Dealing with such a savage princess, the best way was to run

” Important task? What task is that?

smiled, “You cheeky ******, you don’t have another task, you just don’t want to serve me. Isn’t that right? You stupid ******,

on?’ When he heard her words, Darryl was worried, and


relief. They all focused their gaze on Darryl. They did not


When the Princess is busy punishing him, she won’t have time to care about

the eunuchs discussed

not hear them, Darryl could hear

Darryl was speechless. He was only passing by and now taking a hit on behalf

The most irritating part was that not only did the group of eunuchs not appreciate that, but they were also talking behind his back.

“All of you leave at once!”‘ Princess Evergreen shouted at the group of eunuchs. Her eyes were full of pride.

As she said, the dozens of eunuchs stood gradually, bowed to Princess Evergreen, and left quickly. They felt happy deep inside as they had avoided a disaster.

Only Darryl and Princess Evergreen were left at the huge Forever Green Palace.

Darryl was frustrated, but he smiled and said to Princess Evergreen, “Your highness, to be honest, I’m new. I don’t know all the rules. Princess, you are smart and generous. Please don’t be like me.”

Darryl suddenly had a thought and continued to say, “Your Highness wanted to hear a poem earlier, right? Let me tell you one.”

As this was South Cloud World, he could just simply recite one of the 300 poems from the Tang Dynasty. All Darryl wanted to do was just calm the furious Princess so that she would let him leave quickly.

He still needed to look for Quincy. However, Princess Evergreen shook her head firmly, not waiting for him to recite the poem.

“You’ve dampened my mood. I don’t want to listen to you recite a poem right now!” she said, squeezing her lips.


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