The ultimate husband Chapter 1150

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1150 – ‘I came to the World Universe on my sister’s order to obtain the secret scriptures from all the major sects. It has not been easy for me to abduct these people from all the sects, and I am about to get the secret scriptures. Isn’t that a waste of my effort if I were to return now?’

The men in black said softly, “Her Majesty ordered Princess Long to return on your own. As for the people from the sects, we shall continue to lock them at the Wishing Star Tower and increase the security so that they can’t escape.”

“I understand.” Quincy nodded. She would have to leave the tent to start her journey to the South Cloud World at night.

When Quincy left the tent, a shadow trailed after her in the dark.

It was Darryl!

Darryl hid behind a tree when he saw Quincy left the tent. He was curious- why would the woman go out so late at night?

Darryl smiled as he started to follow Quincy.

He knew clearly that if he were to fight Quincy, he would never win. He could only follow her and find the right time to a****k her to get the Dragon Essence.

Darryl had followed her for more than a few hours. Soon, the sky brightened.

However, Quincy did not stop; she continued to travel!

Darryl trailed behind her, but he started to worry.

woman trying to

way, Darryl had tried to a****k her, but he did

five Martial Emperor;

Darryl did not expect that Quincy would not rest for two days and two nights. She kept

the third day, Darryl trailed behind Quincy as she arrived at the

Its land area was similar to the New World. Along the journey, Darryl saw many villages that looked ancient that

afternoon when Darryl followed Quincy into the South Cloud Royal


they entered the city gate and saw the busy streets, Darryl took a

was covered with marble tiles–it was a few dozen feet wide. On both sides of the road were various

extremely grand from afar. That was

took a glance-the palace was even larger than the New World Palace. It was a

he saw Quincy walk

When the palace guards saw Quincy,

Quincy entered

looked like Quincy was part of the royal

following Quincy; I don’t even know which continent I am

aside and

The person looked at Darryl curiously as if he was a crazy person. “This is South Cloud Royal City. Are you a refugee?”

As he said that, the person was too lazy to say anything else. He turned and left immediately.

The South Cloud Palace?

‘I had followed Quincy all the way to the South Cloud continent.’

At that moment, Darryl could not laugh or cry–he was too worried.

It seemed like Quincy could enter the palace whenever she wished–she was definitely not an ordinary person. How could Darryl get into the palace? It did not seem like an easy place to break in.

However, he had no other choice. If he could not get the Dragon Essence, Little Fairy would have no chance to live again.

No matter what, he would have to find a way to get into the palace!

Once he had decided, Darryl started to wander around the palace’s outer area he pretended to be a passerby.

After a few moments, Darryl learned that the palace had four entrances. The door in the north had fewer palace guards.

Besides that, the royal guards would change shifts every half an hour.

Darryl was excited when he realized that. He could take advantage of the shift change to sneak into the palace.


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