The ultimate husband Chapter 1149

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1149 – “Mister, Little Rocky has been very obedient,” Jewel said with a smile.” Usually, when Sister Debra and I go shopping and purchase many things, Little Rocky will help us to carry some stuff.”

Darryl laughed loudly as he patted Little Rocky’s head. The little fellow was too adorable.

After he played with Little Rocky for a short while, Darryl said, “Godfather, Jewel, please return to the Carter Mansion first. I will go back to the Wishing Star Tower to get the Dragon Essence. That place is too dangerous; you both shouldn’t go there.”

Jewel was worried. “Mister, will you be fine by yourself?”

Darryl had mentioned that Quincy was a level five Martial Emperor. It might be too dangerous for Darryl to go to the Wishing Star Tower alone.

Darryl smiled as he consoled her. “I will be fine; don’t worry.”

“Alright, then!” Zoran nodded at Darryl’s assurance. “Take care of yourself, Darryl.”

Zoran was prepared to leave with Jewel and Little Rocky. However, Little Rocky leaned on Darryl’s arms and refused to leave.

It had acknowledged Darryl as his owner; both of them had a special connection.

Even though Jewel and Debra were the ones who took care of Little Rocky most of the time, Little Rocky felt the closest to Darryl.

“Be good. Go home with Godfather for now. I will return once my matters are done.” Darryl felt awkward as he consoled Little Rocky gently.

had tried to explain, Little Rocky was still determined. He hugged

said, “That’s alright, Darryl. Let him go with you. He has acknowledged you as his owner; he is destined to follow you

him with you. This pouch has been passed down for generations by my family’s ancestors. I’ve wanted to give this to you when you found

The Enchanted Beast Pouch?

was such

he could see that the Enchanted Beast was perfectly made. As he touched the pouch, he could feel

Rocky was immediately kept in

Darryl laughed.

inconvenience of bringing Little Rocky with me. With this pouch, I don’t have to

Darryl. Go ahead to the Wishing Star Tower. Return quickly; I shall wait for you

to look at Darryl after every few steps. She was reluctant to

disappeared, Darryl waved at them for the

moment, Darryl

what, he must get



and a few thousand tents were set up

of Quincy’s disciples lived in

A big, grand, and beautiful tent was set up right in the front; that was where Quincy stayed.

At that moment, Quincy was in the tent; she held the Dragon Essence in her hand.

‘This item has so much spiritual energy; it is a rare treasure.’

Quincy thought, ‘I am a level five Martial Emperor now, but if I can absorb this little treasure, maybe I can be upgraded further!’

“Your Highness, Princess Long!”

Right at that moment, a man in black rushed to the tent entrance and said politely, “I have an urgent report.”

Quincy was the Empress of South Cloud World’s sister; she was also known as Princess Long.

“Enter,” Quincy said calmly as she kept the Dragon Essence away.

The man in black immediately entered the tent and looked down to the ground; he dared not look straight at Quincy. He said politely, “Princess Long, Her Majesty has ordered you to return to the South Cloud World Palace.”

What? She was to return to the palace?

Quincy did not understand it. “Why is my sister looking for me? What is the urgency?”


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