The ultimate husband Chapter 1148

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1148 – The man looked strong and significant. He had a square face with thick brows and huge eyes-he looked fierce.

The girl looked like she was either eighteen or nineteen-she seemed adorable. She had a furry thing in her arms.

They were Zoran and Jewel!

The furry thing was Darryl’s Little Rocky!

‘Hey, why are Godfather and Jewel here?’

Darryl furrowed his brows-he was both surprised and delighted. He stretched his hand to hit Aurora’s sword and forced her to fall a few steps backward. Then he walked toward the newcomers with excitement all over his face!

“Godfather, Jewel!” Darryl was extremely happy.

Aurora put her sword down-her body shivered.

‘Why is Sir Carter here?!’


dove into the man’s arms and said, “Mister, I

though Darryl had only been gone for half a month, Jewel felt as if it had


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tightly; she did not want to let go. Her eyes were red as her emotion

at Darryl before he turned his sight onto Aurora. He asked, “Darryl, what are you and

to speak. ” Darryl and I are here to

clenched her teeth. “Sir

dare to mention this to anyone, even a

left quickly-her heart still burned with

important than her life! If she had insisted on k*****g

he had violated her. So, she could only let it go-she would have to

had left. Then he looked at Zoran and smiled as he asked, “Godfather, why are you and

the major sects and locked them at the Wishing Star Tower. So, I am on my way there to find out the truth.

who pretended to be from Elysium Gate.” Then


After he heard the story, Zoran sighed in relief-he looked glad. “I knew it. Under your leadership, Elysium Gate had always been kind and helped to punish bad people. How could they have abducted anyone?”

Darryl smiled and nodded. Then he looked at Jewel. “Jewel, why did you come along with Godfather?”

“I was bored at home. I heard that Uncle Carter wanted to run an investigation in Donghai City, so I begged him to take me with him,” Jewel replied with a smile.

Zoran laughed and patted Jewel’s head. She was active and kind-everyone who knew her would like her.

“Father! Father!”

Little Rocky had stood near Darryl’s legs; it used its big head to brush gently on Darryl’s leg as it shouted adorably.

Darryl laughed when he saw its cuteness. He bent down and picked it up with a smile. He asked, “Did you miss me too?”

Little Rocky did not reply but used its tongue to lick Darryl’s face.

Darryl was surprised; Little Rocky was already a level two Martial Saint in such a short time! Besides, it had the thunder element; a shiny purple electric circle surrounded it. When Little Rocky used its tongue to lick Darryl’s face, his face felt numb from the electric shock.


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