The ultimate husband Chapter 1145

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1145 – Quincy was really powerful!

‘Even though I have pure internal energy, I am not her match! She is a level five Martial Emperor; she is one whole level above me!’

At that time, Darryl stabled himself and looked firmly at Quincy; he could not hide the shock on his face!

‘No, I must not fight her; I will not win. But I can’t leave either. She has the Dragon Essence!’ Darryl stared intensely at Quincy; he was distraught!

“Sect Master Darby, please stay since you are already here,” Quincy said with a smile.


At that moment, she lifted her gentle hands again; intense internal energy vibrated and spiraled forward.

The next moment, terrifying energy appeared in front of Quincy; it was frozen in the air and formed a striking Blood Long Blade in the middle of the air!

feet long! It was apparent that it was


emotion on her face. She waved her hand, and the Blood Long Blade sliced through the thin air. It charged directly at Darryl

up and stop


sliced through the air-its speed was too quick. In the blink of an eye, it almost

Darryl was stunned!

weapon and technique. Now

Darryl’s ability, he would not

could only lift his hand and waved to


onto the protective shield; it

However, the protective shield shattered into pieces from the impact of the Blood Long Blade’s vibration! Darryl vomited a mouthful of fresh blood as his body flew backward!


Darryl’s eyes were red as he roared. He was not satisfied!

‘There is no way I can defeat her! I have to leave! If I insist on getting the Dragon Essence, I will only d*e here! I can only retreat for now and then find another chance to retrieve the Dragon Essence. This is the only way! If I d*e here, what will happen to Little Fairy? I have to leave!’

At that moment, Darryl’s heart burned with dissatisfaction, but he did not hesitate. He turned and jumped out the balcony with Aurora in his arms.

Simultaneously, Darryl lifted his hand and released the White Lily Cold Flame—a white flame wall formed behind him.

‘What? A white-coloured flame?’

Quincy’s expression looked worried. She could feel the white flame’s high temperature! At that moment, she could only activate her internal energy to defend against the flame. At the same time, Darryl took the chance to leave Wishing Star Tower; he carried Aurora with him. “This is your lucky day!” Quincy glared at Darryl as he left. Then she took the Dragon Essence from her sleeves. ‘It is obvious that it is a worldly treasure. I shall absorb it, and my ability should improve by a lot.’


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