The ultimate husband Chapter 1142

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1142 – Megan’s eyes looked desperate as she said that.

Darryl’s face was cold; he did not say another word as he removed Megan’ s hands.

“My dear brother!”

Megan was utterly worried. She was not sure what was in her thoughts when she lunged forward and hugged Darryl.

She hugged him tightly as she pressed her face into Darryl’s chest. Her eyes were red as she begged, “My dear brother, I am begging you. Please save my Sect Master. Please?”

Megan almost cried at that point.

She decided to leave her dignity behind as she faced all those people from various sects. She did not hope for Darryl to save her, but she wanted him to rescue Aurora.


Abbess Mother Serendipity furrowed her brows when she saw that, so she shouted.

How could Emei Sect’s top disciple hug Darryl in public? That was so indecent!

At that moment, Abbess Mother Serendipity wanted to scold Megan. However, when she remembered that Darryl had carried her on their entire journey back from Mistloren-she felt conflicted. Her gentle body shivered silently, and she could not speak at that moment.


Many of the male disciples gasped as they swallowed their

that, she looked attractive and had a flawless body. She was many

moment, their goddess

Everyone was jealous.

“Let go!”

aloof and distant; he said coldly, “Let go of me right now! I have told you-we no longer have any connection to each other. You

anything but coldness

spoke, Darryl furrowed his brows and struggled to free

to cry. However, she refused to let him go. “I am begging you, please. I will kneel to you; please save


When they were at the New World, Aurora had hit Darryl so hard that he had fallen

Megan. However, she held on firmly onto


dropped out of Darryl’s clothing. Its shining gold ray lit up the entire surrounding area; it was as if it was tinted with a

was the Dragon


blindly at the Dragon Essence that laid


What treasure was that?

abruptly as he quickly bent down to pick it up, but Megan was a step ahead. She

he saw that; he stared at Megan, “Give it

Megan bit her lips as she took a step back; she shook her head, “My dear brother, I will return it to you if you promise to rescue my Sect Master.”

When she said that, Megan continued to bite her lips tightly. Even though she did not know what she had in her hand, she knew that it was something important to Darryl. He seemed nervous.


Darryl’s eyes immediately turned red. He walked over to her and said emotionlessly, “I will say it one more time-give it to me!”

Megan’s heart clenched when she realized how he had looked.

He seemed horrible and scary!

However, Megan continued to hold the Dragon Essence; she looked like she would destroy it at any time. “If you do not agree, I will destroy it!”

The Dragon Essence was extremely fragile. Megan could squash it easily without the use of any internal energy.


Darryl’s anger burned brightly. He immediately said, “If you dare to destroy the Dragon Essence, I WILL K**L YOU!”

His last four words sounded terrifying; it was as if they were sounds from h**l.

Megan shook her head; she had a conflicted look on her face. Her tears continued to flow as she cried, “My dear brother, I am sorry. I do not wish for this to happen too. However, my Sect Master has been kind to me well all this while, so I can’t let her d*e. I am begging you; I am begging you, please. Please save her; I will return the Dragon Essence to you as long as you rescue her. Please, Brother, I am begging you.”

Then, Megan subconsciously looked at Aurora.

She saw the blush on Aurora’s face and how her body trembled; she had fallen unconscious. It was apparent that the poison in her body had taken effect.


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