The ultimate husband Chapter 1139

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1139 – After speaking, Quincy waved her hand and commanded, “All the Sect Masters from World Universe Continent will be locked in The Wishing Star Tower. I’ll deal with them tomorrow. If they’re still unwilling to surrender the manuals, I’ll torture them viciously.”

“Yes!” people dressed in black escorted the Sect Masters into The Wishing Star Tower and locked them up.

Darryl, who was not far away, breathed a sigh of relief once he saw that Quincy had imprisoned the Sect Masters for the time being.

Darryl was terrified that Quincy would continue to sever fingers. He was not bothered if she did it to others, but he could not stand it if she did it to the five fairies of Fuyao Palace! He did not want them to be hurt.

Abbess Master Serendipity grabbed Darryl’s arm unconsciously. “Darryl, Quincy has p******d my Senior Sister. You must find a way to save her by tonight.”

Abbess Master Serendipity had also thought that the pill given to Aurora was poison. She was filled with anxiety at the thought that Aurora might be being p******d to d***h. She almost could not stand up.

Darryl was helpless when he saw how anxious Abbess Master Serendipity was. “I’ll do it. I’ll save her if I have a chance, but it’ s definitely not possible now. There are too many guards at The Wishing Star Tower, and Quincy is too powerful. I need to wait. I’ll try to sneak into the tower in the middle of the night when I find an opening.”

Darryl was not trying to hide how much he feared Quincy. The woman was a Level Five Martial Emperor. He had to face the truth that he was no match for her.


and went along with his plan. After that, the two went into


opportunity and quietly snuck into the

Slap! Slap!

Tower. Then,

he cursed

was stunned by what he saw in front of him. More than a dozen large prisons in The Wishing Star Tower and all of the various sects’ cultivators were locked up

Masters and disciples wore sorrowful expressions on their faces. They no longer had the pride of

and chained up. They all looked extremely miserable. They were representatives from the cultivators’ community in the World Universe Continent. It was a pity to see them

Darryl sighed quietly.

someone called out when they

Darryl. They were unable to contain their anger and felt like

back to their senses,

“So, Darryl, you’ve finally appeared.”

“You’re ambitious. You captured us for our secret techniques, but let me tell you, you can have it only in your dreams.”

“Darryl, you b*****d. You’ll pay for your sins!”

Their curses flooded Darryl’s ears. It was getting out of hand.

Those people had completely believed in Quincy’s words that she was Darryl’s follower.

Darryl was angry to hear the curses.

Those Sect Masters were powerful cultivators, but why were they so simple-minded? Did they have no wisdom at all?

Before this, Yvette had pretended to be a part of Elysium Gate and arrested all of them. Yet, they fell for the same old trick Quincy pulled.


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