The ultimate husband Chapter 1138

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1138 – Quincy took out the pill and slowly explained, “After you take this Happy Pill, you’ll feel very hot, and all you’ll want to do is be close to men.”

Quincy was displaying a playfully menacing expression. “Of course, this won’t take effect immediately after taking it. You’ll only start to feel it after five hours. If you are willing to hand over the Icy Dragon Punch manual within these five hours, then I’ll give you the antidote. If you insist on not giving it to me, then once the medicine takes effect, you won’t be able to control yourself.”

“You!” Aurora trembled, her face paled.

She was terrified and filled with rage. Aurora did not expect that Quincy, who was also a woman, would act so cruelly to another woman, How could she make another woman take this pill!

The corner of Quincy’s mouth curved into a smile as she watched Aurora’s reaction. “It must be shocking if you, the goddess-like Emei Sect Master, were to do something that would bring shame to the Emei Sect.”

Quincy suddenly raised her hand and stuffed the pill into Aurora’s mouth.

swallowed the pill before she could react. She was embarrassed and angry, causing her body to tremble even more! She could not wait

was present was in an uproar! They all thought that Quincy fed Aurora poison because they could not hear what she had said earlier. They were

are despicable villains! The Elysium Gate is using despicable methods on us. Why not

“Yes, let’s fight.”

you hasn’t been defeated by me? I defeated all of you personally. Yet you want to challenge me to a fight? I never p******d nor did a sneak a****k when I defeated all of you. Which one of you has defeated

of a sudden, it was silent. The

She waved her hand for

Tianshan School Sect Master. Her charming eyes were intimidating. “I heard that the Six Suns Plum Twisting Hand

had lost her patience long ago. It was getting late, and after not gaining anything

The Tianshan School Sect Master snorted coldly and shouted at Quincy, “You demon! Go tell Darryl that Tianshan School does not fear d***h. Tell him to come and get it himself if he wants the manual. Come and see me.”

Quincy was impatient, so she waved her hand around casually.


A subordinate next to her immediately held the Tianshan School Sect Master in place while his hand lifted the knife and dropped it. A b****y finger flew out!

“Argh!” the Tianshan School Sect Master screamed, his face instantly turning pale, and his body trembled violently.

Quincy looked around coldly. “Okay, very well. You Sect Masters are tough. I don’t have time to play with you today. Let’s end it here and continue tomorrow. I have many ways to deal with all of you.’


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