The ultimate husband Chapter 1135

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1135 – “You’re wasting your energy.” These cold words escaped Ford’s mouth.

He held the Master Steel Sword and managed to dodge the palm a****k from the Country Secretary. Then, he leaped into the air and fought fiercely with the Country Secretary.


Everyone below stared blankly.

There was no one in the New World Continent that did not know the strength of the Country Secretary. He was a master! However, while the Country Secretary fought fiercely with the weak man, in just a dozen rounds, the Country Secretary was at a disadvantage. He was under Ford’s control and unable to break from the deadlock.

Everyone could see that Ford had not even displayed his full strength at all!

The entire canyon was filled with sorrow.

The weak man was too scary! How strong was he? How could he beat the Country Secretary?


Ford waved his hand; a sharp sword aura drove the Country Secretary backward. Then, his figure flew back into the cave.

Leave here quickly. I’ve had a lot of blood on my hands from the first half of my life. I don’t want to k**l anymore in my

on taking the child

he finished talking, Ford returned


huge canyon fell into d**d silence! The royal

ugly with

he suffer such a defeat

canyon, how could he


no match for him. I’m ashamed!” The Country Secretary

battles. He knew in his heart that the weak man in front of him was way too powerful,. Even if three people of his power joined forces and attacked the man together, they

respond; his eyes fixed on Ford. He

Sawyer walked up and suggested in a low voice, “There is a

poisonous fume, we’ll aim the arrows at the

Emperor nodded and shouted. “Quick! Go get the poisonous fume. Archers,

troops pulled their bows and set the arrows, aiming

At the same time, other soldiers quickly lit the poisonous fumes at the cave’s entrance. After a short while, thick smoke billowed and spread towards the cave.

“Father!” Yvette walked over and grabbed her father’s arm. “Father, they’re just an old man and a child. This is too much…”

The poisonous fume from the New World Royals was notoriously poisonous!

“Yvette.” The Emperor waved his hand. “This weak man has threatened the majesty of the New World Royals. He needs to be k****d. That child is related to the Grandmaster Heaven Cult so we can’t be merciful to him either!”

“Father!” Yvette tried to persuade him, but the Emperor was not interested in listening at all.

Ford and Ambrose were sitting in the cave.

“Grandpa, they’ve just lit up the poisonous fume.”

Ambrose’s face changed drastically at the sight of the poisonous fume. He screamed.

Ford frowned and pointed to a small pond in the corner. “Ambrose, hide in there and use the Turtle Breathing Technique I taught you to hold your breath! Only come out when I call you.”

Ford used the small pond to clean himself. Ambrose was small, so he could just hide in there.

Ambrose agreed and quickly laid down in the pond using the Turtle Breathing Technique to hold his breath.


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