The Three Little Guardian Angels, by Ginger Bud, Chapter 55

The Three Little Guardian Angels, by Ginger Bud, Chapter 55

“Why are you so sure that I have kids?”

“Because six years ago, you-“Willow stopped there but seemed to have remembered something and started looking guilty. Oh no, if she said that, Maisie would know who the man from six years ago was.

“What happened six years ago?” Maisie sat in the car, looking eerily calm.

“Nothing. Those kids better not be yours!”

Maisie noticed something from Willow’s tone. Her eyes shone. “What? You saw the news and realized that you’re not as safe as you think you were, so you’re trying to do something to the kids?”

“If they’re not yours, it’s none of your business.” Willow hung up, and her eyes were cold. She still did not believe that Maisie didn’t have kids. She was the one who had slept with Nolan six years ago!

Those two children hadn’t shown up until around the time Maisie returned. That was too much of a coincidence! Since Maisie was concerned about what she was going was going to use those two rascals to spill the secret!

She picked up her phone and made another call. “It’s me. Same thing. I’ll give you $80,000, and you help me with something. I’ll give you another $80,000 when it’s done.” At the Judicial Appraisal Center…

A doctor with a surgical mask walked to the office and went in.

The middle-aged man in the office looked up and smiled. “Oh, Dr. Joe, what brings you here?”

“Definitely here about an investigation. I’ve brought the sample of blood traces left by the killer.”

Dr. Joe gave the documents and sample disc to the man. The man looked up, stood up, and said, “Sure, I’ll get someone to help right away.”

After the middle-aged man left, he looked at a sealed document on his desk. A DNA report was inside.

He immediately took out his phone and took a few pictures, switched it with another stack of information, put the folder back in place, and left the office as if nothing had happened.

When he got to the trash can at the stairs, he tore that stack of information up, rolled the pieces into a ball, and threw it into the can.

Ryleigh received a message. She was aghast when she saw the image in the message.

Maisie asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ryleigh gave her her phone. “Joe took pictures. See for yourself.”

Maisie looked at pictures of the results that Joe had taken. Nolan was really their father! The man from six years ago was him.

“Zee, how did you know that Mr. Goldmann would run a paternity test?” Ryleigh hadn’t recovered from the shock. This was big news!

Her suspicions during the party had been true. The three rascals were really Nolan’s!

“Because he tested me.” Maisie frowned. “So I suspected that he would get close to Waylon and Daisie. If he got close to them, there would be a chance that he would run a DNA test.”

Thankfully, Joe worked in the Bureau of Justice as a coroner. If not for him, Nolan would have found out that the children were his!

‘Shouldn’t you be happy now that you’ve found the childrens’ father?” Ryleigh didn’t understand

There was no way to change the fact that they were Nolan’s kids.

Maisie raised her head calmly. “He might have been working with Willow six years ago. Do you think a man like that could be a good father to my children?”

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