The Three Little Guardian Angels, by Ginger Bud, Chapter 54

The Three Little Guardian Angels, by Ginger Bud, Chapter 54

Had he discovered something?

No, she couldn’t let Leila and Willow know about the two kids!

“Zee, are you alright?” Kennedy was worried, so he came over to check.

Maisie turned around and forced a smile. “I’m alright. Give me a few days to decide on the name of the brand. There’s something I need to take care of.”

“Alright then.” Kennedy nodded.

Maisie bumped into a man who was getting out of the elevator while she was getting in.

She looked up and froze.


Nolan seemed to be getting in her way on purpose. “Where are you going?”

“There’s something I need to take care of. Are you concerned about this too?” Maisie smiled.

“Have you watched the news?”

“…” Maisie’s smile slightly dropped, but it wasn’t enough for him to notice. “What news?”

Nolan passed his phone to her.

Maisie looked at the photo of him, Waylon, and Daisie and laughed. “You meant the twchildren?”

Nolan looked tense. She was still highly suspicious of him.

Maisie handed the phone back to him. “I’m sorry, Mr. Goldmann. I need to get going.”

Nolan grabbed her arm and pushed her against the wall. Maisie struggled, “What are you doing?”

“Why are you going out now?” Nolan kept his eyes on her face, not wanting to miss any of her micro-expressions.

Maisie looked down and gnashed her teeth. “Mr. Goldmann, we are partners. I’m not your employee, so you have no control over me.”

Nolan grabbed onto her shoulders tightly and moved closer. “What if I want to be in control?”


“I just asked why you’re going out. Why are you nervous? Is it because…” Nolan’s thin lips parted, “You’re afraid that I would learn something from the two children?”

Maisie held her fist tightly and pressed her lips together. She almost lost her mind and fell into his trap!

Her phone started ringing. She relaxed a little. When she saw who was calling, her lips curled, “Your girlfriend is calling me. How could I not go?”

Nolan’s eyes turned dark. He stared at the caller ID on the phone and took a while before letting her go.

After being released, Maisie walked to the elevator and said, “If you’re worried about your girlfriend spending time with me, you’re welcome to come along.”

She stepped into the elevator right after saying that, not giving him time to answer. When the doors closed, the tension she held in her throat was finally released.

Willow had called at the perfect moment. A moment later and her secrets might be exposed.

When exiting Blackgold’s building, Willow called again. Maisie picked up, “What?”

“Maisie, you better answer me. Are those two b*stards yours?”

‘B*stards!?’ Anger flashed across Maisie’s eyes. “I don’t know what you mean.”

Willow gnashed her teeth as she looked at the two kids that had been photographed with Nolan. “Are you sure you don’t have children?”

Even though her mother had said that the kids looked exactly like Nolan, she had never seen them herself. But that day, that was the day she believed that the two b*stards existed. She couldn’t wait any longer, no matter if those children were Maisie’s or not.

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