The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Helios moved his eyes onto Waylon’s face. He couldn’t help but say, “You remind me of someone who would suddenly pretend to be strangers.”

It was exactly how Nolan was like.

Ryleigh was astonished. “Helios, you don’t blame us anymore?”

“The two children are pretty cute. Since Royal Crown has signed them, and I have a magazine shoot coming up, I’m going to bring them along for that.”

At the manager’s office…

“What? You’re bringing the two kids on the magazine cover?” Helios’ manager, Morgan Lynch, stared at the two children who were with Helios, looking bewildered.

Helios nodded. “Yes, they seem to be very photogenic. (This novel will be daily updtaed at www.n******’t they make the pictures look even better?”

“But-“Morgan rubbed her temple. “How do we explain this to the publishers?”

“Let me handle it. I’ll give them a good explanation.”

Morgan was rendered speechless. Helios was a big star in the industry, even bigger than the A -listers, and Royal Crown had signed these children. As the senior at the top of the food chain, Royal Crown probably wouldn’t oppose it if Helios wanted to take care of the newcomers.

The fans would be the bigger problem. Helios had worked with a newbie before that, but his fans were not happy with that person. Now that he would be working with kids, she was just worried about the negative impact it might bring to them.

That being said, when the photos came out and were posted on the magazine’s official Twitter account, their hit rate increased exponentially and shot to trending in a heartbeat. There were 400,000,000 retweets and 80,000 mentions.

@angelsonearth: “I can see how Hels would be if he had kids.”

@fanseverywhere: “This is the end of me. I declare myself the first fan of this father-children relationship.”

@forevermiddleecalss: “Who are these cuties? Wrap them up for takeaway, please.”

@loveislight-Helios: “Hels, don’t keep the babies to yourself. Share them!”

@helioshasenoughfans: “Please move aside. I want to be the top comment. #s**s”

Helios’ fans had always been picky and protective. If the people working with him weren’t (This novel will be daily updtaed at www.n****** listers, they would be jeered for trying to get attention by working with Helios, but these two child stars were accepted!

At Blackgold Group….

When Quincy saw what was trending, he exclaimed, “The children are trending, along with Helios!”

Nolan raised his head. “Let me see.”

Quincy passed the tablet to him, and he tapped on the trending post, frowning. “What are they doing with Helios?”

“I heard that it was because Helios agreed to be on the cover shoot with them,” Quincy answered.

Nolan was silent.

Helios rarely worked with newcomers, so why would he work with these two? He had always been a busy man, so how did the kids get a hold of him?

“Call and ask who introduced the children to Helios.”

Quincy nodded, walked aside, and called Royal Crown. (This novel will be daily updtaed at www.n****** soon gave him the answer, and h e slowly turned around, “It was Ms. Hills.”

Nolan’s expression changed, and his eyes darkened. ‘Ms. Hills? The one who was with Maisie? Does she know the children?’

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