The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Quincy couldn’t put a finger on it, but he didn’t have a good impression of Willow. He felt that this weak-looking woman who knew nothing wasn’t good enough for Mr. Goldmann.

If the woman from six years ago hadn’t been her, would Nolan have let her stay around for so long?

“Nolan, Zee said that you gave her a new jewelry company. That’s not true, is it?”

Nolan’s eyes dimmed. “She wasn’t happy in Vaenna, so she left and left the shares to you. Why? Are you not happy with that?”

“I—” Willow broke out in cold sweat.

Maisie was telling the truth!? Had Nolan really established a new jewelry company for her in exchange for giving up on the shares?


Willow would rather give up the shares of Vaenna!

“Nolan, I can give Vaenna’s shares to Zee. Let her come back, (This novel will be daily updtaed at www.n****** Vaenna was a company her mother founded. How could she just leave it?”

Yes, that was right. If she could show that she was willing to give Vaenna’s shares back to Maisie, Nolan would feel sorry because she was generous.

However, Willow started panicking as she noticed that Nolan’s eyes were turning cold.

Why was he looking at her like that?

Are you here to question my decision?” Nolan sounded a little annoyed. It showed that there was a limit to his patience for Willow.

Willow’s face turned pale. “That… That’s not what I meant!”

“If it’s not, then go back and focus on Vaenna,”Nolan coldly commanded.

Willow bit her lip and turned around to leave. Her eyes were filled with hatred, hatred for Maisie!

She hated how Maisie had suddenly come back. If not for her, (This novel will be daily updtaed at www.n****** wouldn’t have been so cold to her! Nolan would give her whatever she asked for, but now, Nolan didn’t even agree when she wanted Maisie to leave Blackgold!

That horrible woman! She would lose everything one day!

At Royal Crown…

“You two need to relax a bit later, or my efforts might be in vain.”

Ryleigh carried Daisie in her arms, and Waylon walked next to her. She couldn’t help but give them a reminder when they got to the company.

Daisie’s arms were around Ryleigh’s neck. She answered in her baby voice, “Don’t worry, Godmother. We know what to do.”

When they got to the floor of Helios’ studio, the assistant, Nina, was startled. “Ms. Hills?”

She was even more surprised to see her with two kids.

“Is Helios in?” Ryleigh asked.

“Helios is in the office. Can I help you?” Nina couldn’t help but steal a few more looks at the children. They were so beautiful!

“Oh, these two are my niece and nephew, child stars that Royal Crown just signed. I want to let them meet Helios.”

“So they’re the new child stars that Royal Crown just signed with.(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.n******” Nina had definitely heard about them. She walked to Waylon, leaned down, and patted his head. “Hello.”

Waylon was probably shy or something. He kept his head low and said, “Hello.”

Nina was a sucker for cute kids. “So adorable. I didn’t know that you were related.” “Wow, these two are newly signed child stars? They’re so beautiful!”

“Yes, they look even better in person.”

few female employees came over and started pinching and patting their heads. They couldn’t keep their hands off them. Ryleigh couldn’t help but laugh. Zee’s children were just too lovable!

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